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Wedding Entertainment

“This photo was taken after I had to lecture my kids about how we don’t take iPads to wedding and no phones at the table. They then catch their Grandad doing this.”

(via source)

Dressed Down

“Bring a toddler to a wedding, they said. It will be cute, they said.”

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The Universe Objects

“I just got married yesterday. Didn’t notice the sign.”

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The Wedding Present

“My husband and I got married this summer in our backyard, and this is my favorite photo of the day.”

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The Delta Tux

“When the airline loses your luggage before the wedding.”

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Smile Malfunction

“The photographer told us to genuinely smile and laugh.”

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The Collector

“It’s a pity the bride was too small for the wedding night.”

(submitted by Steve)

Atta Boy

Proof that the family pet should always be invited to the ceremony.

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Belt Malfunction

“Here’s me getting dressed before my wedding. Only noticed the belt after the pictures had been distributed.”

(via source and Chelsey LeBlanc Phography)

Down In Back

“Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fainted.”

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