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Ineligible Receiver

“Our son caught my garter.”

(submitted by Michelle)

Puppet Masters

“My parents in 1977, having paid for ‘trick’ wedding photography.”

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The Broken Hearts Club

“So we got married at the Zoo. Someone had an interesting first look reaction.”

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“This is a picture of my wife on our wedding day. I’m not certain how she got her leg to do that but needless to say she is quite flexible.”

(submitted by Micah)

Til Death

“I was looking through a family friend’s old wedding photos, when suddenly…”

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Headbangers Ball

“My family and I at my brothers wedding.”

(submitted by Diane)

Jump Shot

“We did a jump photo for the wedding. I jumped too high. Good thing I was wearing underwear.”

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The Floaters

“My parents’ 1984 wedding photography in all its glory.”

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This Guy’s Wedding

“My Dad and his groomsmen at his wedding. It was during the 80’s, in case you couldn’t tell.”

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Bubble Trouble

“My favorite wedding photo. I got a bubble in my eye while we were leaving.”

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