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Man In The Mirror

“My parents wedding day, circa 1977.”

(via source)

The Backup Plan

“My husband was a ring bearer in his cousin’s wedding. He wasn’t the couple’s first choice, but when the original ring bearer dropped out at the last minute, they quickly had to find another kid around the same age. As you can tell he wasn’t thrilled about being the backup ring bearer.”

(submitted by Melissa)

Kid’s Meal

“I’ll have the 10-year-old, please, medium rare.”

(via source)

Hog Wild

“A pig ran through grandma’s wedding photo.”

(via source)

The Sunbathers

“This is a wedding photo of the extended family – and a couple of unintentional bystanders who didn’t bother getting out of the shot.”

(submitted by Jeremy)

Cake Envy

“My wife was more excited about the cake than marrying me.”

(via source)

No Flipping

“My parents got married in 1988 and they paid top dollar for this photographer and his cutting-edge editing abilities.”

(submitted by @sagekayje, via our friends at @oldschoolmoms)

Heaven Help Me

“A spontaneous wedding day photo.”

(submitted by Tamlyn)

The Escape Plan

“My then-three-year-old son was completely over with all the pictures, so he looked for his nearest escape. My frustration is pretty evident.”

(submitted by Tammy)

Ineligible Receiver

“Our son caught my garter.”

(submitted by Michelle)