BLENDED Awkward Portrait Contest

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Congratulations to Minda and her “Step Child”, winners of The Blended Awkward Portrait Contest!

Minda wins two tickets to the Blended premiere screening in Los Angeles on May 21st with travel and hotel accommodations included!

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole AFP community for submitting so many amazing photos (see all of the submissions here) and don’t forget to check out Blended in theaters now!

See the finalists below:

See all the submissions HERE. Read the official rules here.




“Our perfect family photo shoot was only a little hampered by my 2 year old granddaughter who decided to throw a complete fit during the sitting. We gave up trying to get her to look good and let her “do her own thing”. She ended up at the bottom of the stairs and we went on without her…so to speak ;)”

Submitted by Minda

Chick Music

“My youngest brother refused to be in the photo for our church telephone book unless he could wear his cowboy suit. The accordion followed. Then came the chicken.

Submitted by Lily

Left Behind

“This is my husband and four children, we asked the kids to sit down with dad to get their pictures together, well Ruby did not want to be in the picture-so we said okay walk over there, by then I started to take the picture she got even more upset for leaving her out of the picture.

Submitted by Nichole

Extended Family

“Probably the best family photo ever taken with Pablo Escobar & Alf.”

Submitted by Selena

Drawn Together

“This is a picture of myself (Archie shirt) and my family. It was originally taken without my Dad, as my dad was always off being a pilot somewhere. My parents were having problems at the time, and so, in wanting a complete family photo, my mother added my dad – cut out from another picture – to it. I wish I had a copy of that one, because his head was 3x larger than ours, facing the wrong way, and his shirt had been marked in with a sharpie marker. When my parents stopped having problems, she changed the photo of him to the one now there. This was also at the time that she discovered MSPaint. She decided she thought my sister was being disrespectful by wearing an Arachnophobia shirt, so she painted it out with white.”

Submitted by Kaytee

Double Bird

“Mom and dad are proud of the family, and the little guy is tired of taking pictures.”

Submitted by Taylor

Glamour Shot

“Our family picture for the church directory. Our son use to play dead when he didn’t want to do something.”

Submitted by Mark

System Of A Down

“Yep, my teen years…”

Submitted by Liora

Feel the Love

“This photo always brings to mind the Ramones song..We’re a happy family We’re a happy family We’re a happy family Me mom and daddy. I think my family always hated family photo day & you can tell from the look on my dads & brothers faces.”

Submitted by Amy

Problem Child

“Taken in 1997, this is a picture of my mother, grandmother, my older sister and myself. I’d have to say the black velvet gloves with Dalmatian print trim really completes my classy ensemble, and the pink diva shades add a touch of mystery. Obviously, I was a little diva.”

Submitted by Summer