Too Comfortable To Be Uncomfortable Contest
Presented by Sanuk

No matter how uncomfortable family can sometimes get (and believe us, we know), when your feet are comfortable, it makes things a little less awkward. So in honor of Sanuk, maker of the most comfy footwear around, we’re proud to announce the Too Comfortable To Be Uncomfortable Contest!

We want to see all of those pics of families smiling through the most painful matching outfits, poses, settings, and any of the other trying moments that come with the membership of family.

Submit your pics by 9pm pst on 6/30 and the 3 most comfortably uncomfortable photos win a prize package of a $100 Sanuk gift certificate, official Sanuk merchandise, and a signed copy of the New York Times bestselling book Awkward Family Photos!

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See all the submissions below. Read the official rules here.

The High Life

“This is my family picture from when I was 16…I don’t know what we were thinking, but it looks ridiculous.”

Submitted by Jenna

Blue Bloods

Submitted by Isabella

The Life Aquatic

“This is me and my younger brother…I’m guessing around 1983. Our summer birthdays are a month apart and we both received cheap diving masks and snorkels which were made of hard plastic and not very adjustable…as in, make your eyes bleed from the tight fit and rip your hair out when you took it off. My brother was going through an Army/camo phase (evidenced by his outfit) and also received the camo bandanas which obviously made sense to pair with a diving mask. The masks left an indention on our faces for 2 days.”

Submitted by Karina


Submitted by Teef

Denim Dogs

“When I was 15, my mom decided that we needed to get a shot of all three of us kids, and we would get an even better shot if we included our mother-and-daughter great danes. Resplendent in our 70’s best, I prove that you can never wear too much denim; my 12-year old brother smiles so much that his eyes have disappeared while wearing a shirt that is basically a beer ad; and my 8-year old sister gazes into the distance. I think the dogs came out of this shoot looking best, and they definitely got the most attention at the hotel where the photographer was working.”

Submitted by Wendy

Prairie Formal

“Simply put, it’s our awkward family photo.”

Submitted by Irdle

Arm in Arm

“A beautiful family hug?”

Submitted by Betty

The Family Tree Redux

“I told my mom that there was a picture like this already on AFP. She still insists that the photo is cute. And my grandmother ordered a print for her wall.”

Submitted by cecelia

Cat Fancy

“My grandmother made this matching cat outfit complete with purse and hat. I LOVED it at the time. Now its looks too comfortable to be uncomfortable.”

Submitted by Megan

Grin and Bear It

“This was our family’s church photo and I was clearly going through one very awkward phase. That’s a camo shirt, acid-washed jumper, and huge mullet. And it looks like we’re leaning on a bus seat.”

Submitted by Alli