“Say Cheese” Awkward Photo Contest

Congratulations to Shanna whose big dig won her a title and a $2000 gift card from Wendy’s! Honorable mention goes out to Jason “The Jackman” who showed us how cheesiness can be so smooth.

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole AFP community for submitting so many amazing photos (check out all the cheesy submissions here) and don’t forget to try Wendy’s new Asiago Ranch Chicken Club sandwich today!

The Big Dig

“I was looking for the one gift I wanted most for Christmas….”

Submitted by Shanna


“A senior picture that seemed like a fun idea at the time. Now it lives in infamy within the family as ‘The Jacks Picture.'”

Submitted by Jason

Wooden Shoes

“What’s that? The lost Dutch photo has been found?? I may be committing social suicide here (not to mention social homicide for my brother and sister), but I think this shot deserves a longer life than just a one-time photo spread in an art supply catalog.”

Submitted by Emily


“The pose was more painful than the sunburn!”

Submitted by Sara

Bad To The Bone

“Me and my Mom, glamour shots. Need I say more?”

Submitted by Emma

Straight Shooters

“My dad (front left) and my aunt, uncles and grandma. My cousins and I love this photo. We are from a small town but this images makes our family look AWESOME! I can hear the Dallas theme music now…”

Submitted by Tracy

Branching Out

“This was taken at the rodeo when my family from the UK came to visit. We all were dressed in our best “rodeo” attire & not until this photo did we realize how cheesy we looked. I dread to think what’s going through the mind of the guy in the background! I’m still not sure what possessed my Dad (at the back of the formation) to add the soft focus around the edges prior to sending it to us all!”

Submitted by Rebecca

Easter’s Finest

“I like this picture of my daughters. They, however, have a different idea of it. All dressed up for Easter!”

Submitted by Holly

Come On Ride The Train

“All aboard the mullet train! Mid 80’s professional photo shoot with the family. I love the way my dad is leaning in and my brother’s smile is priceless. Oh, then there are the matching mullets on my me and my sister…”

Submitted by Kari

Strike A Pose

“My daughter loved this glamour shot when she was 11, hated it when she was 13. Now she’s 27 and wants to share it with the world!”

Submitted by Lisa