The Awkward Family Rivalry Contest

Congratulations to Carley, our awkward rivalry champion, for showing that in true holiday spirit, to give is always better than to receive.

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole community for submitting so many great pictures (see them all here) and we wish you all a safe and awkward holiday!

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Love Tap

Submitted by carley

A Holiday Twist

“Taking matters into her own hands, our young daughter grabbed and twisted her brothers ear to keep him still long enough for a Christmas photo. She kept her composure while doing it!! They are 22 and 19 now, and our son still remembers the pain of that twisted ear!”

Submitted by Robin

Sucker Punch

“Mom had just set the timer on the camera and scooted herself in to the picture. I don’t remember what Ben did, but it earned him a punch in the gut from John and a glare from Jeff. The shutter clicked at the perfect time.”

Submitted by Chris

Gold Digger

“A holiday photo of my two kids!”

Submitted by Shaeli

Glove Love

“My mom set up a photo shoot for us kids where the gal would cut out the photos and stick them to cut outs and so this was one of the pictures.”

Submitted by Anitra

Welcome to the Family

“On our wedding day after I’d asked for no one to do anything silly my husband and father in law decided to do this.”

Submitted by jasmine

The Pester Brothers

“You see that girl making the face? That’s me. And behind me are my two brothers who spent the whole shoot poking me the back, pinching me, the typical ‘brother’ things they do. This was caught just as I was doing one of those “Ach, fer crying out loud!” faces.

Submitted by Adelle

Helping Hands

Submitted by Alisha


“Not thrilled on family photo day at Wal-Mart.”

Submitted by Vrin

Threat From Above

“For some reason my father did not believe my ear was detachable.”

Submitted by Jeffrey