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A Calendar 2024

Opening Statement

“Found this gem of me and my daughters at the hospital after delivering baby #2.. A few hours in the world and she is already telling us how she feels.”

(submitted by Gen) 

Baptism By Fire

“This is a picture of my baptism. My mom thought it would be great to have a little extra entertainment so two of her friends dressed up as clowns. They used whatever my mom had in her house. I think that’s my moms red shirt and red pants. If you look closely, it looks like the clown on the right has blood on his checkered scarf…”

(submitted by Paola) 


Glam Fam

“The choir I participated in as a child held a day of glamor shots for the kids and their moms. I love the light glinting off the rhinestones AND my turquoise braces.”

(submitted by Jen) 

Bowl Boy

“I was busy vacuuming up some spilled cereal when I walked into this bathroom party.”

(submitted by Keisha) 

Big Red

“My mother had these shirts made for a ‘professional’ photoshoot.”

(submitted by Leona) 


“My son really loves vacuums. Reeeeeeeally loves them. On preschool picture day, he was so miserable, and was offered the preschool’s vacuum cleaner to play with to cheer him up before his photo. When I picked him up, I was told that I “might see a bit of the vacuum in the photo.”

(submitted by Caroline)


“Mum, an avid seamstress, thought it would be a great idea to make the family matching outfits for Christmas and was inspired by the family dog, Saxon.”

(submitted by Vicki)

Maui Meltdown

“My family was leaving Maui after a 3 week stay to go back to cold, rainy Canada. I had a major meltdown at the airport. As you can see, my mother is not impressed, my sister is amused, and my Dad took it as a photo opportunity.”

(submitted by Laura) 

Mullet Time

“I was 8 years old when this photo was taken at Sears. I believe it was this photo that ultimately put them out of business. My mother was the individual responsible for this crime…”

(submitted by Meghan) 

The Graduates

“My family raised llamas and this was my girl Evangeline. I was encouraged to have my homeschool high school graduation pictures taken with her. She almost made it into my wedding too but the church wouldn’t allow it (thank GOD).”

(submitted by Laura)