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A Clown In The Crowd

“Family reunion before I was born and my Mom’s cousin, who was an amateur clown, decided to show up to the event in character (top row just left of center).”

(submitted by IG @jabezwick

Economy Clown

“A clown was hired for a birthday party and his hand was on my sister’s head.”

(submitted by Teri) 

Clown Crew

“This pic is from the late 60s, taken on Long Island. My aunt Donna and Uncle John with their grandma (my great) Mabel and a terrifying painting of a clown painted by my mom. My aunt with the cat was all about saving animals at that point but grew up to be an amazing saver of humans – she was a 9/11 first responder and is now working in a Covid unit at a hospital in Virginia.”

(submitted by IG @cmacbride)

Clown of Honor

“My mom’s friend dressed as a clown for my parents’ wedding day. Nobody knows why.”

(submitted by IG @ashmoorevt

Clown Shy

“1987 – my birthday party at The Ground Round. That’s me being held by my mom, laser focused on the clown and not having it.”

(submitted by IG @sunshineinwisco)

Chester, Big Bob, And Me

“My mom holding my sister up for a photo op with Chester and Big Bob in 1985.”

(submitted by IG @myfoodobsession365

Send Out The Clown

“For my baptism, my parents thought it would be great to hire a clown to entertain me, my little friends and family.”

(submitted by IG @stephania_perdomo

Clown Town

“Chicago, 1982. The year my parents learned I was afraid of clowns. And whatever that thing is behind me.”

(submitted by IG @lew_lewie


“Me, my son, and Koko the clown in 1973 at the Shrine Circus.”

(submitted by IG @lindaroberto)

Sun Scream

“Argentina, 1980s. Me with the socks and sandals hugging that diabolical clown, while my mom sunbathes beside us.”

(submitted by IG @ailuromania__)