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Farm Animals


“If it weren’t for ‘vigilant’ mothering and quick intervention, I could have been trampled by a herd of goats when I was 4 yrs old. I can’t imagine the impact that such a scene would have had on my equally tender and dutiful sister, who perpetually wore her school gym uniform outside of class.”

(submitted by Katie)

Miss Piggy

“Me and my pig, He is fat. He is funny. I love him.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Makin’ Bacon

“My kids learning about the pigs and the bees.”

(submitted by IG @timpecter

Heavy Petting Zoo

“Dad and I enjoying a nice day at the family friendly petting zoo.”

(submitted by IG @shanelseger

Alpaca Party

“For my son’s 10th birthday, we thought it would be fun to have a party at an alpaca farm. It was quite a party.”

(submitted by Jennnifer)

Got Her Goat

“One of our goats and I were both pregnant with twins and due the same week. I made her dress up and take maternity photos with me.”

The Exhibitionists

“My brother and his family tried taking a family picture in our field, but the cows kept following them. The cows were doing this in the background of every single photo. Almost as if they wanted to be photographed.”

(submitted by Janell)

When Pigs Fly

“My mother’s attempt at a Christmas card photo circa 1994. The family pig Petunia would have none of it and attacked my younger brother while my other brother looks on gleefully.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Chicken Run

“Sister wanted to pet a chicken. Chicken disagreed. She’s fine though, the chicken didn’t get her.”

(via source)

Hog Wild

“A pig ran through grandma’s wedding photo.”

(via source)