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Snowman With Feet

“My four year old daughter made ‘a snowman with feet’ at school.”

(submitted by Michelle)

Teaching Bad

“Let’s hope my son is better at ‘meth’ than he is at spelling.”

(submitted by Jen)

Cluck-It List

“We found my brothers 1st grade assignment the other day…”

(via source)

Anti-Valentine’s Day

“My son was asked to decorate a paper plate at school to hold Valentines. Being that he hates Valentine’s Day, this is what they got.”

(submitted by Michele)

None Of The Above

“My mom found one of my old tests from over 20 years ago when I was just a wee lad.”

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A Fun Fact About Luxembourg

“From my son’s European Fair at school. His presentation on Luxembourg had samples of a popular soup from that country and a very informative poster board filled with a lot of detailed information, including a fun fact.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

The Gift Giver

“My son’s kindergarten journal entry. The assignment was to write about a gift you would give someone.”

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Gone Fishing

“My daughter was recently ‘star’ of the week. Each of her classmates had to say something nice about her. She meant to write ‘fishing.'”

(via source)

Chart Topper

“My 1st grader did very well on his spelling test today, only one wrong!”

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The Thinker

“This is why my kid is going places.”

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