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Chuck’s Cheese

“My husband, Nov 1981, at the local pseudo-Chuck E Cheese somewhere in northern New York.”

(submitted by IG @annecavu)


“At the Lakeside mall in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1985, I was lucky enough to meet a leprechaun.”

(submitted by IG @alcorniv) 

Playground Peppa

“My daughter, in Viña del Mar, Chile, 2019. And Peppa The Pig (I think).”

(submitted by IG @berni.durand)

“C” Is For “Creepy”

“Found this gem while digitizing the family photos. It was taken sometime in the late 70s in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m the little guy with Cookie Monster and my brother, who’s sole comment upon seeing this photo was, ‘miss that hat.'”

(submitted by David)

Chuck E. Spanks

“Me on my birthday, December of 1982. Not sure what is more embarrassing, the home perm I got for my birthday or the fact a giant mouse is giving me birthday ‘spankings’.”

(submitted by Brandy) 

Stitch’s Unlucky Day

“We got to Disney at opening, rushed through the park to get out fast-passes, and caught this guy. Guess he thought he had more time.”

(via source)

Mr. Peanut and Me

“Mr. Peanut still haunts me to this day. Thanks, Mom.”

(submitted by Jamie)

Terrify Me Elmo

“Great morning at Sesame Place followed by a terrible scary lunch with the characters!”

(submitted by Shannon)

E.T. Phone Home

“It was the day E.T. came out on VHS. My local video store had E.T. there to promote it. Looks like Hollywood took its toll between making the film, and it’s release on VHS. I also can’t explain why I have my hand on his leg…”

(submitted by Brian)

Night Terrors

“Found this in an old family album.”

(via source)