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Head Strong

“My son had some thoughts about mom and dad leaving him with grandma and grandpa for the weekend.”

(submitted by IG @jayci_haase

The Super Flashers

“Not sure how my camp picture got ripped but I taped it back together and was pleasantly surprised to see what our bunk name was. It must have been a crazy summer.”

(submitted by Doug) 


“My poor daughter never heard the end of it from her siblings after her heartbreaker tee shirt turned to fartbreaker for school pictures.”

(submitted by Cathy)

Tooth Swap

“I received this photo from my Dad while he was babysitting my daughter. When she found out Grandpa could take out his teeth, he let her wear them.”

(submitted by Natalie) 


“This is me wetting my pants while my father plays chess.”

(submitted by IG @aslanchik_)

Oh Buck

“This is my brother’s rec league basketball picture circa 1990. The actual team name as you might have deduced was the ‘Bucks’. Lucky for us there was a fortuitous fold in the shirt that gives us our accidental master piece. On a little side note, this picture in a larger form (8×10 I think) was proudly displayed on a wall in my Grandmothers house for years. She never understood why people always laughed at this picture. Needless to say she didn’t have an eye for details.”

(submitted by Ryan) 

Barn Burner

“My senior picture. We wanted to show the bond between Grandma and granddaughter.”

(submitted by Jessica) 


“This picture was taken in the Fiji islands with my mom & friends trying to read to me but I’ve always been known to fall asleep anywhere, anytime if I’m tired!”

(Submitted by IG @princesscraudia)

Door Jammed

“We were all watching my youngest daughter play on her slip & slide.  When she was finished, I sent her inside (I thought) and I stayed out to drain the slide.”

(submitted by Emma)


“I was taking a picture of my husband and two daughters when it happened.”

(submitted by Miranda)