May 7th, 2009

Doubledelish - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Double your pleasure. Double your built-in chaps.

(submitted by Jane)

294 Responses to “Doubledelish”

  1. Jason says:

    The ultimate wingman/wingwoman arrangement

  2. carsch says:

    Twins are proof nature has a sense of humor. In my high school class of 500 or so, there were 6 sets of twins. Some of them I didn’t know had twins until I met the other one and they didn’t know me.

  3. Cutie Pie Ay says:

    Omigoodness! One of them was my teacher in high school! I remember her showing us the picture. It was at a festival for twins I think. (:

  4. Goofy says:

    Chaps pants! I remember those! We all thought we looked so great in those! Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Ray says:

    I’m a identical mirror twin, and the one way to tell me and my sister apart is by seeing who had the two dimples on our cheeks when we where younger.

    I went to school with a set of fraternal set of twins, both girls. There was also a set of older female twins, and two sets of boys in the upper years. My grandmother said something had to be in the water.

    I have a set of twin boy cousins on my father’s side of the family, and on my mother’s side, a set of step-uncles.

    • Dave H, says:

      Twins do run in families… When one of my sisters had twins, the other was warned that she was now at risk for having twins. Also, the twin’s father said “No More Kids!”, because there would be disproportionate odds of another set.

  6. cleverk says:

    thie reminds me of the “can you spot the difference between the two” LOL

  7. Jillian Hurd says:

    THE FEMALE TWIN ON THE RIGHT WAS ONE OF MY HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHAHA!!! I remember her twin sister coming in one day to class. TOO FUNNY!

  8. Matt says:

    The guy on the far right looks like Nicholas Cage!

  9. Dhami says:

    i always love this photo, bu not from an akwardness ancle, but because i find it totally nice…

  10. Rebecca says:

    arn’t those the twins in Beaches???

  11. Rebecca says:

    Arn’t those girls the twins in Beaches. They play cousins who are fans of CC Bloom and ask for an autograph and picture with her. Anybody with me here???

  12. the old bitty says:

    I’m speechless

  13. julie says:

    The guy twins look like Patrick Dempsey (from Grey’s Anatomy); especially the guy on the right.

  14. Jaclynn says:

    The brothers look like a magical mix between Patrick Dempsey and Kenny G!

  15. Joe says:

    I realize that Richard passed away but I have often pondered this question–if two identical twins married two identical twins and had children, would their children look alike? Any such case of this scenario happening?

    • Cryscrossed says:

      Actually that has happened. I’m not sure if the children looked alike but genetically speaking they were full sublings because their parents had identical DNA.

    • Basil Sunshine says:

      They would have exactly the same chance of looking alike as any two siblings. Siblings can share from 0% (unlikely) to 100% (unlikely) of their DNA. The average shared DNA for siblings is 50%. This is because each child inherits a random 50% of each parent’s DNA. This is easier to show with a chart.

  16. Charles H says:

    I’m sure the Pepsi people are furious about this.

  17. AFtERBIRtH33 says:

    Last time I have drinks before noon, I’m seeing double!

  18. weasel says:

    are they standing next to a mirror

  19. em says:

    i feel like i’m looking at a highlights magazines ‘find the difference’ section.

  20. amber hansen says:

    If you look at the guys really close they kinda look like Patrick Dempsey!

  21. John says:

    I know the girl on the left since childhood but who’s that other one? Don’t recognize her at all and I never forget a face.

  22. @mycaricature says:

    hahahahaha! I just *know* this is going to come back at me in my dreams tonight!!

  23. Rob says:

    To the people who say “They look alike. You can’t tell which one is A and which one is B”: You must’ve not spent any time around any twins. No twins look or act so much alike that one can’t tell who is who after being around them for a while. I went to school for years with two sets of twins, one set male, one set female and after a while, they looked so individual.

  24. laughing_hard says:

    I honestly don’t get the awkward part! 😐

  25. Jeanne says:

    I also am sorry for his loss. The picture, however, is hilarious. There are just so many things wrong with this picture………………………I can’t even stand it. It would be fun to see other pictures from the twins conventions!

  26. NuttyMom says:

    I laughed so hard I choked. I wasn’t even drinking anything. I’m sorry one of them died, that def took the fun from the photo for me — until I looked at it again.

  27. june says:

    The tracksuit tops are cut from the same fabric, just not from the same exact place in the pattern repeat.

  28. lex says:

    the couple on the left is cuter

  29. Anna G. says:

    (double vision)

  30. Jess213 says:

    Don’t hate… This was probably taken in Twinsberg back in the day… I think its priceless, and a once in a lifetime photo!

  31. Mike says:

    sweet jesus!

  32. Andy Vigue says:

    Is this a PEPSI ad or DOUBLEMINT?

  33. Magdalene says:

    Its actually kind of a cute picture.

  34. Ben says:

    Im pretty sure the woman is holding a Pepsi Clear!!!

  35. Scott says:

    Ernest is on the left. I work with him at the GM Spring Hill TN. plant. His brother also worked at the plant until his death.

    • Survival Guy says:

      The one on the left worked at the GM Spring Hill plant until the company died.

      • blake says:

        that’s right they both worked at the saturn/gm plant for a long time I believe they both retired from there but don’t hold me to it.My step dad Ray was really good friends and worked with them and we use to hang out with them pretty often. They are both really nice and they are car geniuses. They had matching 1987 black corvette convertibles specially built by gm that they got to watch and help build at gm and after Richard passed away my step dad ended up buying richards and his sister bought the other one

    • Seamus says:

      Thanks Scott….When I saw the photo I thought this was who they were. I was just shocked to see a photo of anyone from the plant here.

  36. Kato says:

    The one on the right is the spitting image of Adrian Brody…

  37. Iggy says:

    For some strange reason, I want to chew gum…

  38. Mecca says:

    Are those two a spin off of Millie vanillie?

  39. kelly says:

    kinda funny how the two people in the middle look genuinely happy, and the others on the ends look like they’re just smiling cause a picture’s being taken.

  40. Robert says:

    Ok, the girl at the right, if you bring a picture of Josh Lucas and paint him..that is the face!! honestly!!

  41. blimey says:

    twin on the left looks like David Beckham.

  42. caustic fernando says:

    uau, oh, … (lalalala) Now I believe in God…, thanks!

  43. Poopy Pantz says:

    Pepsi’s least successful advertisment campaign.

  44. doug says:

    clearly two of these people are unnecessary.

  45. 0x says:

    I used to see these guys in Nashville ,tn all the time at clubs . They had many outfits even more festive than this one…

  46. Mad Jock says:

    Only in America ! You Septics crack me up….

  47. elizabeth says:

    This photo is legit. I know the twin men. This photo was probably taken at the Twinsburg Convention held in Twinsburg, Ohio. They used to go every year until unfortunately and regrettably, the twin on the right (Richard) passed away. This photo is definitely from the 90’s. I met them in 1995 and they wore the outfits then. They are great people with a different style. I was shocked when I came across this photo and actually knew these people in it. 2 kind men with large hearts.

    • jenn says:

      how sad! what happened to Richard?

      these people look really cute in an obnoxiously retro way…

    • Ina says:

      Just too fun pic.
      Hugs from Norway

    • juno says:

      that didnt just make all of us here feel totally AWKWARD .

    • Dahlin' says:

      Come on now! You’re sucking the fun out of this Debbie Downer! I’m sure Richard is on the internet in that big twin convention in the sky laughing at this picture too.

    • DMuney says:

      i really hate to ask this question, but how do you know which one is which? AWKWARD!

    • Annie says:

      I am having a hard time beleiving you…… How would you know which twin is Richard….. You say … “the twin on the right (Richard) passed away”…. they look exactly alike… but YOU can tell them apart from a photo taken years ago????? Please….

      • Jess says:

        If you know twins, it’s impossible NOT to tell them apart… two of my best friends from grade school are identical twins, and when I first met them it was impossible for me to tell them apart, now I can’t imagine how I couldn’t originally. I’m imagining she’s a twin herself, so that must intensify there differences even further for her.

        • Jess says:

          ack! I have a cold, so please excuse my crappy grammar… *their differences.

          (yes, I am one of those obnoxious people that corrects their own grammar)

        • Sarah says:

          Also, she said that Ernest (Left) still comes every year, so she has seen him since then, and if you look at their faces you can see differences so she knows which one is Ernest and therefore which one is Richard.

      • Jeanne says:

        I have 25 year old identical twins. I can tell them apart when most people cannot.
        My husband (their father) cannot always tell them apart. I think he takes a guess
        most times.

        • dianthus says:

          I was the oldest in a family of 6 kids that featured two sets of twins (but I’m not a twin, and my youngest brother lived just 6 weeks). The first set of twins were identical boys, and the second set were a boy and a girl…and from my mother’s second marriage.

          Anyway, I NEVER mixed up my identical brothers, even when our mother had trouble. They always looked very different to me, and had very different personalities, styles and interests, especially as they hit high school.

      • elizabeth says:

        Yes, It’s called the powers of observation. Again, look closely at their faces. They have differences in facial features and Richard is shorter.

      • rosie says:

        I can tell them apart..

      • ehbg says:

        Dude, they look so different. Attention to detail.

      • blake says:

        umm when you know someone for long enough twins or not you can tell them apart. I knew them because my step dad was best friends with Richard so we use to go to his house all the time and I can tell which is which. So I believe her and they are both amazin, super smart and extremely talented R.I.P Richard

    • MISSY says:


    • lenny says:

      I have known them both for many years it is true that Richard has passed Ernest on the right is doing well in middle TN with a beautiful family Both men where class acts in every way and 2 of the best repair techs i have had the pleasure of knowing Gods Greatest to all

    • Heather says:

      This was definitely taken at the annual Twins Days festival (twin is holding festival program), probably early 90s. I have been attending the festival since 1978 and have gotten to know Ernest quite well in last few years (he still attends to reunite with his twin friends and to honor his brother). Truly a kind-hearted soul.
      I am sure if I looked, many Twins Days photos could qualify as an awkward family photo. Good times!

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