My Two Dads

May 11th, 2009

My Two Dads - Family Portrait

You may use your calculator for this equation.

(submitted by The Bonfield Family)

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m going on vacation with my son and his Dad who is living with my brother’s ex wife, of course she wasn’t an ex when she started seeing him. Keeping it all in the family I guess!

  2. John says:

    was it the chicken or the egg? lol

  3. Susan says:

    It looks like something my ex husband would think up. Lets all take a family photo, ex wives, present wives, ex husbands and present husbands and wait, don’t forget the children!!

  4. Kelly says:

    oh these photos just crack me up, i dont even care who’s who to be honest im laughing so much!

  5. Franis says:

    Well, you’re going to have to check out some of my family photos, because my half brother was two years younger than my mom, who was 25 years younger than my dad. If my half brother would have had a kid, then I would have been an aunt before I was born…

  6. D says:

    what the heck? i’m so confused and can’t stop laughing

  7. Tyler says:


  8. Tosheros says:

    Biological Father – Biological Mother
    Son – Father in law

  9. Brad says:

    actually, you need to calculate the color here. from top left to bottom right is the equation.

    navy blue + white = medium blue

    the kids shirt is the “=” sign

  10. af says:

    Knowing the real story from Bonfield makes the previous posts even more hilarious

  11. IndigoRose says:

    If you read all the comments, you’ll see one from the guy who posted the picture explaining that they’re all siblings. lol. Entertaining commentary, though 🙂

  12. mateo says:

    the photo caption on this one was the funniest so far.

  13. J says:

    Those are obviously their sons that sit in front of the parents. One looks like dad and the other1 looks like mom.

  14. Morgan says:

    The man below the woman is her brother (look at their matching faces, but he’s too young to be her dad), the man to her right is her husband and the young man is their son (face matches the dad)… That’s what it looks like, or maybe they’re three adult siblings and one son thrown in for good measure.

  15. mel says:

    i wish i could top the previous comments, but i can’t……………this picture and commentary is so funny………………

  16. Corey says:

    Apparently John from “John and Kate Plus 8” actually has 10 children…and two wives.

  17. brooke says:

    mums divorced and remarried…… mum ,dad, son, and step dad……my 2 dads !!!

  18. John Bonfield (back left) says:

    Mark, you are now *****, lol.

    By the way our mother loved this photo, however she was a bit shortsighted.

    Do you know how much it cost!!!!!!!! “this comes from my dads side”

  19. Thomass says:

    2 dads? Try, single Dad with “HIS” parents! I like the painted bird bath!

    • Tabitha says:

      I agree….my thought was single dad with his parents and son (the sgl dad being the one standing above the boy) but I could VERY WELL be wrong.

  20. Leslie says:

    I think its Grandma & Grandpa with their son and grandson.

  21. John says:

    The more I look the more scared I get !

  22. Brenda says:

    oops read the other post that says so. Oh well verified what I thought

  23. Brenda says:

    Siblings? That’s my guess

  24. Gabriel says:

    Hello! I found your site very interesting.
    I am from Brazil so why my English is not very good !!!!!
    So love your site, a big hug

  25. ziaja says:

    Angie, your explanation is right on!! It’s a Tums Moment. TUM, TA TUM-TUM !

  26. tracybradycartoons says:

    HAHAHHAa O M G funny

  27. Laura says:

    Are you serious? The guy in the front on the left is 37?? Thanks for explaining who they are. I got a great laugh at some of the comments anyway! haha

  28. Tenley says:

    Wow. I just. Don’t understand. Anyone want to help?

  29. Pic is as follows: (l – r, back)
    My uncle John (48) My mother, Christine (50)
    (l-r, front)
    My uncle Ian (37) My uncle Anthony (44)
    All siblings, from Birmingham, UK.
    Picture not popular with any of the above, understandably!!
    They do not know I’ve posted the pic – will kill me when they find out!

    • KitKat says:

      You’ve got serious cajones posting this pic! Then again, I did post a recording of my hubby snoring on facebook, and he eventually forgave me after all the pokes he got from his friends! LOL!

    • lovedoctormike says:

      You are truly brave….

    • Lisa says:

      Bonfield, you can’t be serious!
      These are my calculations:
      John: 48-10=38 (years old)
      Ian: 37-10=27
      Christine: 50-10=40
      Anthony: 44+10=54
      Thanks for the AWKWARD explanation!

  30. laughinoutloud says:

    To JK, all i’m gonna say is YES, I think you put it best!!!

  31. Steve says:

    Odd.. would love to know the story.

  32. b says:

    I think its a divorced dad with his son and parents.

  33. nicole says:

    no way, Guy in front is the dad,55yrs, of the guy in back 37yrs, from a previous marriage. then he married the lady who looks about 49 or 50yrs. and their teenage son is 17. Horrible arrangement for a photo!

  34. di says:

    Uh, this is obviously the woman’s dad in front of her, her hubby and kid. Weird arrangement, tho.

  35. Spiffy says:

    I think this is a before and after picture. Don’t ask me how…. but it could be.

  36. Peti says:

    I think this two couple met at the photographer, and they wanted to save money, that’s why they are on common picture.

  37. H.H. says:

    the two older men are lovers they have cusotdy of the boy, they invited to boys mom for the photo cuase the boy didn’t want to leave her out.

  38. megan says:

    siblings… for sure

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