The Dribbler

May 13th, 2009

The Dribbler - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“Here is my photo. The pee stain kid is me. I guess I should have shook and dance a little more, to keep the last drop from falling in my pants. I’d like to do a follow up, where are they now pic only this time, completely piss my pants.”

(submitted by Jim)

141 Responses to “The Dribbler”

  1. ThatWriterGuy says:

    Somebody just loves the HELL out of Christmas.

  2. Randi says:

    The reason the spot is there is because he WAS shaking it just before the picture.

  3. Katy says:

    Why can’t men just pat it with some tp? Please, someone explain this to me.

    • aka says:

      haha! cause there’s nothing to pat! Its not a hanging booger, and he obviously spilled something on his pants before the pic, or full out pissed them first, what do you think, that it’s just a dribble? Guys have their plumbing on the outside, where it belongs! we do not “pat” ourselves with t.p., this is ridiculous!

  4. Tom says:

    That’s why should never wash your hands when you’re done. One false splash and your reputation is destroyed.

  5. Loadstar says:

    Merry Pissmas!

  6. Soquel says:

    This is the first picture where I actually felt bad for someone.. I’m sure he just spilled something on his pants.. (like I do multiple times, on a daily basis.) but I still feel bad.. I think its cuz he kind of reminds me of my brother..

    • addie says:

      They did not have it then, but what he needs to make this a nice family pic, which it would be is, Photoshop.
      Your brother might need that as well. B)

  7. Eric says:

    “Hurry up, Jim! We’re taking a picture!” “Jeez, Ma, just a MINUTE!!!”

  8. Molli says:

    Great stuff, been browsing around and found it all enjoyable. Selah

  9. candytree says:

    my husband has done this and he always lies and says that he brushed up against the sink and got water on himself…has any other guy used this lame excuse?

  10. Bob Taitz says:

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Kira says:

    Is it just me…or does that guy look like a young Michael Jackson?

  12. Magdalene says:


  13. handsallover says:

    Laughed so hard i needed to sit down. This is the best of them all. hilarious…:D
    And i bet thats not urine….

  14. graphicartist2k5 says:

    i can’t think of one guy that hasn’t been through this scenario before. just because our pictures haven’t been taken doesn’t mean we haven’t.

  15. PoppaThug says:


    “In a minute ma’….I be right down…”

    “K, where do I stand???”

  16. SweetPea says:

    This picture is sooooo gooood as you’re scrolling down…nope, wait. Not so good anymore.

  17. Goldie says:

    i don’t get it!

  18. Jennifer Rumbo says:

    This must have been before digital when you could crop that out!

  19. MarcsNymph says:

    Jim, YOU ROCK!
    Halfreck You made me laugh so hard I hurt myself.

  20. Mark says:

    Aah, nobody will notice…will they?

  21. Kristina says:

    Freakin’ hilarious! I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard!

  22. lisa says:

    Is that captain morgan hanging on the wall?

  23. Keith says:

    “Hey, why is everyone laughing at our Christmas photOH MY GOD!”

  24. evosero says:

    We’re not just the president, we’re also clients.

  25. Duane says:

    That is not urine…… I am guessing it is another body fluid.

  26. Alice says:

    The dude with the wet pants looks like Prince.

  27. sandifay says:

    My aunt a dog like that. It also peed everytime it got attention.

  28. CLMass says:

    Danny Zuko’s uncomfortable adolescence…

  29. Arina says:

    Может просто что-нибудь пролил…

  30. Daniel says:

    Sucks for him

  31. Señor_Citizen says:

    If I’m not mistaken, he’s actually sporting two stains on his pants.
    Penalty for double dribbling.

  32. Thomass says:

    That’s Gyro Grease on his pants people! What is the girl doing up at 3 in the morning????

  33. Ace says:

    He’s a work-a-holic, far too busy for the follow up jingle.

  34. tdmac says:

    The Tyne Daly remarks were dead on hilarious.

  35. Chazlette says:

    You’re supposed to shake it after? Who knew?

  36. Smokalot-BR says:


  37. abtex76 says:

    Is that JOHN MAYER? LOL!!

  38. Ang says:

    Okay, maybe I’m just too technical for this, but has anyone else noticed the guy is “dressing left,” but the questionable stain is on the right?

    Maybe that’s why the hand is in the pocket; Adjustment so it looks like Little Jim is on the opposite side of the questionable stain?

  39. Ellen 49 yrs says:

    Thnx. I now know why men’s clothing is malodorous. It makes sense now. How did all this time go by and I never heard this? I’ve heard of shaking, but I never knew this was a real issue, lol. Too funny. Mighty curious to me and the probably cause of the young girl’s fear: What was he doing behind his Mum’s behind? Leaning. Always gets you into trouble.:)

  40. Joshua says:

    There’s an awkward photo IN the photo.

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