How Grandma Got Her Groove Back

May 31st, 2009

How Grandma Got Her Groove Back - Grandma

You’re never too old to get lei’d.

(submitted by David)

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  1. ohsnapiam58 says:

    “You’re never too old to get lei-d” OMG I laughed my head off when I read that caption!

  2. S13558 says:

    Hawaii 5-0? More like Hawaii 8-0 (years old)

  3. Anna says:

    Aah, this made me lol.

  4. Summer says:

    The little old lady from Pasadena.

  5. Nate says:

    Grandma meets King Komeonyawanaleime

  6. kristie says:

    This guy worked for Pleasant Hawaiian Holiday’s in the 80’s. I have a picture of me, my grandmother and her sister with him from our vacation in 1983. Good times!

  7. PolarBear says:

    Looks like he got his chest a little too close to the Shave Ice Machine!

  8. K says:

    I think the caption makes the photo…

  9. Rcar9091 says:

    OWWWW YEA! I’ll never forget Hawaii 1985.

  10. Awkward Turtle says:

    Grandma has a sweater on in Hawaii?

  11. brimi says:

    i love how awkward the placement of the 1985 is. haaaa

  12. Rhiannon says:

    I am positive that my mom a photo with this exact same guy. Flashback central!

  13. Joel says:

    This was traditional Hawaiian vacation material back in the 80’s. I live in Hawaii and am not sure where this was taken, but the old places had beams all over the place giving that open air feeling so it’s possible that he’s got light on his middle part and she doesn’t. Plus mauve was the color of the day not desaturation! My nana had a similar type of picture with her and Don Ho.

  14. Larry N says:

    Certainly calls for a compound bow.

  15. Sandra says:

    Oh goodness… my parents went to Hawaii for their honeymoon in 1984, and they took a photo at a tourist stand with this exact same man in it!

    • JaylBayt says:

      My Dad went to Hawaii in 1994 and had his picture taken with THIS WOMAN!!! SHE’S the draw there – not the natives!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Umm … this looks like my Great-Grandmother, for real. How funny!

  17. Allie says:

    awesome photo…. it makes me want to go to hawaiii but I just can’t put my finger on.why I want to go

  18. Mariko says:

    I’m a little tempted to go to hawaii now…

  19. Andy Vigue says:

    That’s the HAWAII 5-0 MUSTACHE doncha know?

  20. Mina says:

    Oh my gosh, I think I have a picture of my aunt with that same guy! Hahaha.

  21. dmoore says:

    not awkward. AWESOME! go gramma!

  22. lagrange says:

    I see grandma’s right hand, but, where is her left hand….. hmmmm

  23. Moffat says:

    I went to Hawaii on an escorted tour with friends in 1979 when I was 23. After traveling hours from Ohio to get to Honolulu, on arrival at your hotel you get your picture taken — the women with a young man, the men with a young woman. The next morning the photos are posted in the Hotel Lobby for your purchase. Not one person on my entire tour (about 50 people) bought the pictures since we all looked like death warmed over and the local Hawaiian people were all tan and rested. I can’t believe anyone buys those vacation photos.

  24. Cristian says:

    Is it just me or the guy looks like the father of vilder valderrama? (fes in that 70’s show)

  25. glamtam says:

    Ok this is totally photoshopped. The lighting on granny’s face is totally wrong for the rest of the shot. plus, somebody desaturated the color on her suit.

  26. Barking Squirrels says:

    Very funny but probably photoshopped. The light on the woman’s face doesn’t match the light on the guy.

  27. calichi says:

    Naughty grandma!…………….naughty grandma!

  28. tom says:

    Grandma with a young Erik Estrada when he was the sun tan lotion application boy at the tiki hut in Miami, fla.

  29. Vittoria says:

    Have to agree with a few people on it being photoshopped..Why the hell is the guys hair have sun shining on it, and her doesnt?? It just doesnt look real. But it is funny!

    • Aesop says:

      People have been talking a lot about altered pictures. Do you know the fable “The Boy Who Cried Photoshop”? One day he came across a real photoshopped picture and guess what, no one believed him. We havenยดt heard from him since.

      • Vittoria says:

        I don’t understand why you people get all emotional when people say a photo is “photoshopped”.

        • Aesopfail says:

          I was trying to make a photoshop joke, but apparently I did not succeed. Sorry, Iยดll stick to compound bow jokes from now on.

          • Seriously Distracted says:

            Aesop, you succeeded. I laughed out loud when I read your post (and I have the coffee on the keyboard to prove it).

  30. glenmichael says:

    Better lei’d than never ?

    Am sure she was a big Don Ho fan..

  31. LilyBear says:

    When I saw this I almost spit Dr. Pepper all over my keyboard. I have an almost identical picture of my granny taken back in 1986 when she went to Hawaaii with her senior citizen group. How sad that 23 years later, I’m still living vicariously through my granny. LOL, I probably need to duplicate this post on FML.

  32. Major Danger says:

    Did someone say “Cougar?”

  33. StEpHaNiE says:

    rock on granny ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Tim says:

    Grandma just coulsn’t believe her luck – who’d’ve thought she’d meet the kid who would go on to play Fez on “That’ 70’s Show”?

  35. Katie says:

    I have a picture just like this of my Grandma and some Hawaiian with a Lei. It was in the 80’s as well. She’s not around anymore, but its nice to have the photo of her vaca. It’s cute. They must have a booth set up or something for the older ladies to take photos of their cruise.

  36. Ryan says:

    Why have you all mentioned Naked people? Were there Naked people in this photo also? Now THAT would make it awkward!

    • Samantha says:

      No, there was a SWEET studio picture of a naked couple wearing bad jewlery that once stood where Grandma’s Groove is now.

    • jamielee says:

      No, there weren’t naked people in this photo.. there was a previous post from Saturday night that had a naked couple and they removed it from the site lol

      hahaha, that’s too bad because it was sooo funny and awkward.

    • Beth says:

      No, there was a picture that was posted before this one of a naked (I think) couple (although everything was covered), and it seems to have disappeared.

  37. Samael says:

    they are not related.
    but maybe grandma brought a toyboy as husband form her hawaii-vacation

  38. Sarah says:

    This one is definitely photoshopped… not incredibly well, either.

    • eeyore19 says:

      Really? I don’t see anything that would suggest it’s photoshopped.

    • case says:

      how is this photoshopped??

    • Um....Greg says:

      Yup. True awkwardness comes from deep within our natural selves, not from the cut and paste tool ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mark says:

      It’s possible. But there’s nothing to suggest it “definitely” is. Moreover if you were to go through all the trouble of photoshopping something like this, don’t you think you’d make it a little more zany?

      I think people are too quick to make this accusation on here. They’re like “awkward family photo” conspiracy theorists.

    • Dave says:

      Hey – I submitted this and it definitely wasn’t photoshopped. I found this pic at my parents house years ago…..

      • Aaron says:

        besides the lack of photoshop in ’85. Let’s explore the possibility of a backdrop at some tourist stand. They do it left and right at Myrtle Beach (and I’m sure many other tourist traps)

        • Ummm...........Greg? says:

          The Hawaii 1985 can be done with Windows Paint much less photoshop. Doesn’t prove a thing

          • Renee says:

            I believe it is photoshopped as well, i think her head is way oversized for the body.. theres multiple other reasons why i believe it is

  39. BaldiesWoman says:

    Yes… what happened to the naked people? Did it exceed awkwardness?

  40. mamasarita says:

    nice lei.

  41. Emi says:


  42. patti says:

    Grandma still got it!

  43. Morag says:

    I’m loving the subtitles on these pictures – somebody’s GOOD.

  44. Samantha says:

    I know where this is – just minutes from my Aunt’s place – and I remember this guy. He was darn cute in the ’80s.

    Also, naked couple missing!

  45. Your Mom says:

    grandma and fez….WATCH out!!!

  46. Killerbap says:

    This one looks like steve coogan!!!

  47. sadface says:

    where did the naked people go??? ๐Ÿ™

  48. frizzle says:

    How can you have that much hair on your head and none on your chest?

  49. Andrea says:

    Why is this a family photo? Awkward, sure, but I’m thinking these 2 are not related.

  50. Joanna says:

    I think they make a great couple.

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