August 6th, 2009

Busted - Babies

“My mom, bless her soul, absolutely loved her dustbuster and thought all of us should have one for Christmas. We all posed with her and her trusty old one.”

(submitted by Peter)

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  1. Alan says:

    Have your credit card ready. Remember ring in the next 5 minutes & we will send you all 5 Dustbusters AND 5* people to come around & show you how to use them.
    (* Baby not included)

  2. grannypanties says:

    the look on Grandma’s face LOL

  3. grannypanties says:


  4. Bill says:

    Remember the e-bay christmas Idea and all we won was the case lot of dust busters

  5. Dawn says:

    Grandma came damn near sucking up Junior

  6. Poodle says:

    So that’s what it would feel like to be an heir.

  7. Dwight says:

    Who Ya Gonna Call???? DUSTBUSTERS!!!!!

  8. Jen says:

    All I have to say is, You Suck! πŸ™‚ hehe

  9. Pinky says:

    I didn’t see dustbusters on Marney’s list – there’s going to be hell to pay.

  10. butcherbaby says:

    Grandma’s Dustbuster has “BAD A** MO FO” stamped on it.

  11. kmac says:

    Ha! I wonder what prompted this photo.

  12. Aldo says:

    Grandma Larry King says, “I love my Dustbuster so much, I bought them for the whole family.”

  13. jessy says:

    someone help granny turn on her dust buster

  14. hallie says:

    ahahaha grandma

  15. Nigel says:

    Let’s see–that’s four new savings accounts and four FREE gifts, courtesy of Grandma. She has the original metal Dustbuster, made from WWI shell casings. That’s why she has to hold it with two hands.

  16. Suki says:

    A family that ‘busts together, stays together. I think it’s cute.

  17. Pipergirl says:

    Granny’s just happy she can finally hang up her old broom (far right of picture).

  18. emm says:

    one year i gave my entire family staplers. it wouldnt have made nearly as good a pic.

  19. Blucat says:

    I don’t understand how all the Thundercat references link up to this photo

  20. spandau says:

    best picture on here

  21. Joanne says:

    Who you gonna call?-DUSTBUSTERS!!!

  22. buckethead_22 says:

    And you thought your family sucked.

  23. kokonut says:

    The woman on the left kills crumbs with determination
    The man next to her kills crumbs sword-fight style
    The woman next to him kills crumbs with gentle kindness
    The man with the baby kills crumbs with reason and logic
    Grandma kills crumbs with 2 hands, baseball-bat style.

  24. Suzy says:

    ” Who you gonna call? ….. “dust busters!!!!”

  25. KT says:

    “Hey everyone- let’s all get together with our dust buster christmas presents and take a random picture… no of course it doesn’t make any sense, Alice, but who outside of the family is going to see it, anyways?”

  26. Elle_Woods says:

    Oh, I love this one! The photo would have been totally perfect if the baby had a miniature dustbuster…

  27. Jeneva says:

    It’s a BYODB party!!

  28. Pippa says:

    New studies show that only 1 out of 5 adults know how to operate a dustbuster.

    • Sandra says:

      hah, you’re totally right… now I am imagining one of those studies… “here, take this common household item and pretend to use it”… only the woman in the middle passed the test!

    • cadsam says:

      hahahaha great comment, love this website.

  29. Anne Veal says:

    “Suck on this!”

  30. WiseKnock says:

    Nope, Granny’s isn’t cardboard just very old my Mom used to have one that looked like that. The rest of the crew looks pretty new though maybe they all got one for Christmas from her and decided to take a pic with her and her old one just for the heck of it.
    Oh well, like these people say “A family who dustbust together stays together.”

  31. Bleah! says:

    Nana’s rockin’ the retro!

  32. caleb says:

    they single handedly caused dustbusters stock to go up 5 points!

  33. Dana says:

    Love the lightbulb over 2nd from the left’s head… Looks like it was his idea after all!

    • AggieLou says:

      I didn’t even notice that. That is pretty funny.

    • PeterL says:

      Bingo! It actually was my idea. That’s me with the bulb over my head. And yes my mom (the granny) gave us all dust-busters for Christmas so I thought it would make a funny photo. Her vacuum is older, that’s why it is a different color. My mom passed away a year ago but she always had an incredible sense of humor. Never took herself too serious. So she always thought this was a funny photo.

  34. Uncle J says:

    When you have a bunch of messy kids, the answer is personal dusbusters.

    Now be sure you keep it charged.

  35. kbyers says:

    What, the baby couldn’t hold one? this is so funny.

  36. springjack says:

    Pierre, South Dakota Dustbuster Drill Team — Second Place, 31st Annual Doo-Dah Parade — Pasadena, CA

  37. Jenany says:

    Can’t see what’s in this picture … I’m blinded by the baby’s tie-dyed shirt. πŸ˜‰

  38. Susie says:

    The lady on the left MEANS BUSINESS.

  39. Seek Geo says:

    Aw.. poor lil’ boy. He had the look like: “Hey, why can’t I hold one like y’all?! How dare you!”

  40. Cheryce says:

    No mini-Buster for the baby?!

  41. amigo says:

    By the power of dusty buster, I am GRAND-MAAAAA!

    • joaniebaloney83 says:

      You made me spit out my chocolate pudding! LOL!

      • Blucat says:

        It always makes me chuckle to read about all the people have have spat out and/or snorted food or drink because these pics made them laugh. it shows that there still are some simple pleasures left in life.

  42. steve says:

    a secret santa gift exchange gone bad?

  43. Sandi says:

    Yes, it’s obvious Grama’s Dustbuster has seen alot of use! She can show the kids how to attack those dreaded dust bunnies!

  44. Karen says:

    This is awesomely awkward! I am busting a gut! πŸ™‚

  45. mis says:

    Marnie would be pleased with this bunch πŸ™‚

  46. Becca says:

    I bet grandma all gave them dustbusters for x-mas, and they decided a picture was in order!
    And yes, the grandma is the best! She makes the pictures! Go grandma!

    • NuttyMom says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Can you see how old Gramma’s looks compared to everyone else? I think someone got a good deal on dust busters.

    • Michelle says:

      ITA! she’s set on getting the entire fam to love their new dust busters as much as she (obviously) loves her! Someone could have gotten her a new one! I’ve no idea how that thing’s still in business!

    • PeterL says:

      My mom gave us all the dust-busters for Christmas so I thought it would make a funny photo. Her vacuum is older, that’s why it is a different color. My mom passed away a year ago but she always had an incredible sense of humor. And a dustbuster. So she always thought this was a funny photo. The baby plays high school football now.

  47. EM says:

    Grandma is totally going for “Thunder Cats..HOOOOO!”

  48. Alex says:

    I am thinking (and secretly hoping) that grandma’s is actually a decoy made of cardboard, so that she will fit into the picture.

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