Boyz II Men

August 24th, 2009

Boyz II Men - Family Portrait

Don’t judge them just because they’re judging you.

(submitted by John)

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  1. Shannon F says:

    This was taken just before they went out to save the world, one kitty-torturer at a time…

  2. grannypanties says:

    tough guys

  3. Yaya says:

    I love the twins in glasses, They are Perfect!!! :/*

  4. Brittany says:

    Hmm…everyone except the guy in the middle. He’s still on the fence about this whole “affection” issue…and it doesn’t look like he’ll go in favor of smiling…

  5. Kristen says:

    I want to be in this family!

  6. Darli says:

    Are you sure this isn’t an Harry Potter Audition Portfolio ?

  7. linglingo says:

    Fox’s NEW SHOW, “Party of Seven” Arrives August 22nd 1994!

  8. TMagee says:

    This is my favorite caption on the whole site.

  9. Cami says:

    They look like the before picture for a boy band. Loving it. All cute boys.

  10. Carol says:

    I’ve seen these guys before! Oh yeah, I’m going backwards through the photos! That one guy never does button his shirt up, btw.

  11. Rachel says:

    Families with more than 3 kids freak me out. They’re parents must be saints.

  12. Jerry says:

    They looked a lot friendlier in their other pic…

  13. Herb Castro says:

    Welcome to Sprockets, I am Udo and this is part when we stare before we dance….

  14. Xina says:

    OH my gosh – here they are again…the clone family!

  15. liz says:

    …..why are they staring at me.

    I don’t like it! MAKE IT STOP!

  16. KateW says:

    Ultrasound technician: “It’s gonna be a boy.”

    Mom: “Dammit!”

    • Judy says:

      When having my third child and being told that said child was going to be a boy, I yelled “S***!” All boys. T_T
      I can’t imagine having more kids and ALL of them turning out to be boys!

      • teri says:

        I had neighbors who had 7 boys. When the youngest was about 5 they FINALLY had a girl. The dad came home from the hospital and ran a pink flag up the flagpole so the entire neighborhood would know. And she was one spoiled (and well protected) little girl! I moved away when she was still quite young but I occasionally mused on how things went when she was old enough to date…..And yes, this is one good looking group of boys. I only have boys and wouldn’t know what to DO with a girl (except lock her up until she was 30).

  17. Lindsay says:

    Green shirt on the far left and orange shirt are just hot…I’m still young enough to say that, I hope. I’m only 26, not quite cougar territory yet! These boys are clearly teenagers, but they will be HANDSOME men.

    • Anon Mom says:

      I’m 27, & I agree… I totally have a crush on Mr. Orange Shirt.

      • dorthyinwonder says:

        Psht ya’ll can have the ones in blue & orange…as long as I (26 here) get the ones with glasses…I’ll share one of them, but I want one to myself, lol…the rest ya’ll can have…*clutches one of the hotties with glasses to myself*

  18. BP says:

    The little angry one in the front is the leader.

  19. K says:

    so…what is going on with the crouching? was the orange shirt guy so abnormally tall that this was the only solution?

  20. Edna says:

    That poor photographer!! That’s a LOT of airbrushing!!!

  21. Emily says:

    Can I marry the older ones? Like, all of them?

  22. LEX says:

    Looks like the boyz to Men Harry Potter edition.

  23. john says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,introducing “the New Brat Pack”.

  24. Ray says:

    They are waiting for Pony Boy and SodaPop before they rumble.

    • Maddy says:

      Haha, that’s what I was thinking, too…

      Also, major rebellion against the Peter Pan-ish colors going on with the orange shirt there, guy on the left.

  25. Syd says:

    i love how blue shirt managed to get a third of the frame to himself…

  26. LindsayLu says:

    I feel so bad for their mom!! 7 Boys!! She must be SUPERMOM!

  27. Leeny says:

    An audition for ‘The Outsiders’ gone horribly wrong

  28. Angie says:

    **faint** Omigosh they’re all so handsome! TWO sets of twins! I’m in love with this photo <3 The ones with the glasses look so… princely… But they are all so handsome anyway!

    • dorthyinwonder says:

      Princely…hahah, I agree…they make me think of David from Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series…David Prince (which is really funny because that’s what he uses as his last name, lol)

  29. H. says:

    The youngest guy really ties the group together somehow with his very serious look

  30. Jeanne T. says:

    I thought the two with the glasses were the twins! They look like a gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha actually, they are obviously just acting serious. Wow. All boys?!

  31. lagrange says:

    the only thing missing from this picture is Emilio Estevez and Andrew McCarthy

  32. Alekx says:

    The moment I saw the title of this picture,
    I knew I’d love it.

    Thanks, AFP!

  33. KyGirl says:

    From the network that can’t come up with new television concepts, first we brought back “90210”, then “Melrose Place”, now we bring you………. “Party of Five + 2”.

  34. Matt says:

    The guy with his hand on his chin – is that called a “floating arm shelf”?

  35. Fred says:

    Yeah, we bad!

  36. Matthew says:

    The scary thing is, some of these dudes look like a friend of mine.

  37. smlfantc says:

    Actually the rebel orange and blue 2 are twins. And they are the sweetest family I have ever met. Amazing guys and definitely not this serious ever!

  38. JD says:

    Omgosh! When do they go on tour????? Who is the one in the Bright Orange?

  39. Randy says:

    The greenish-bluish glow in and around the eyes is due to a bad copy of the original pic. None of them are wearing make-up.

  40. Heidi says:

    OK, what about the poor Mom, raising 7 boys…….

    • LHer says:

      She’s a pillar of strength, as only you can be with 7 boys! 🙂

    • mel says:

      i wouldn’t worry about mom. She’s got 7 strapping boys to take care of her in her old age…but i’d guess the youngest is her fifth and final attempt to get pregnant with a girl! Bless her for raising those boys to all not have facial piercings and visible tattoos i bet she did a fine job LHer! 😉

  41. patkerash says:

    the caption says they are judging us and I think we have all been found wanting….

  42. Ken says:

    ‘Why must you be, such angry young men, when the future looks quite bright to me…”. The perfect Styx song to accompany this picture.

  43. Amber says:

    Well, Grouped Up Or Not…Those Older Boys Are Quite Handsome ^.^

  44. oi says:

    what??! nobody has commented on greenish-bluish glow in and around the eyes of each and every of them. That looks kinda weird or they all really wore a make up??!!

  45. LHer says:

    The funniest thing about this pic is that they really aren’t this serious in person. I think it was one of those moments in a family photo op where they had one smiling pic and one serious pic. =)

    • Cris says:

      I agree this is not the best pic to show their personalities

      • MCMG says:

        I don’t know them at all.
        This pic cracks me up!
        Look at blue shirts twin on the left- cocked eyebrow=hellraiser
        Have the glasses identical twins gone goth yet? (especially one in middle)
        hand on chin guy- I thought he was “the smart one” too, how funny!
        They are obviously humoring mom by taking the pic- I can hear her now- “You need to do this for you little brother so there are pictures of you all together for him too.” LOL

    • John (not the picture poster) says:

      Is the guy with his chin in his hand “The Smart One”? 😉

  46. kandee says:

    Obviouslly, orange and blue shirts are rebels and wanted to make a statement. Either that or they didn’t get the green/brown memo. I just love how blue shirt uses brown shirt’s shoulder as an armrest. I just love BAD boys!

  47. Lori says:

    The little guy in front looks bored and irritated that he was put into this picture

  48. JV says:

    are these guys brothers? it’s kinda bugging me. they all look so close in age (with the exception of the little one), and there’s at least one set of twins. C’mon, John, speak up.

  49. Megan says:

    I feel like we have taken the armshelf to a new place. I LOVE THIS PIC

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