Elephant in the Room

September 2nd, 2009

Elephant in the Room - Family Portrait

Check out their new show this fall on the WB.

(submitted by Mary)

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  1. Erik says:

    If that’s a mirror it’s easy to understand why she’s looking in that direction!

  2. I have a picture of the other half of that elephant. My family and I use it as a backdrop for all our family photos. So Twilight Zone.

  3. Logan says:

    That reminds me of my mother! And so does the woman in the leopard print chair!

  4. Ball says:

    Mm looks like she’s late for her Gallagher show

  5. sus says:

    the girl in the red is eyeing the elephant gun across the room and thinking “Not a jury in the land would convict me.”

  6. Maya says:

    At least Dad looks somewhat happy…or is he gritting his teeth?

  7. Kale says:

    LOVE the title! laugh out loud…

  8. binkymae says:

    I think they might be headed to a fancy schmacy Republican event with one daughter going under duress.

  9. Tim says:

    Perhaps the girl on the right was distracted by a spider on the wall.

  10. Brandon says:

    Even though the parents look quite older, they do have some attractive daughters.

  11. emm says:

    they forgot to unwrap mom.

  12. Deb says:

    We all have to start our independent film careers somewhere.

  13. Florian says:

    I didn’t even notice the elephant until i looked a second time. How funny.

  14. Tishomingo says:

    Marley (red head) finds the adoption papers Blanche had hidden and confronts her parents. And Nick (upper right) admits he has a problem with eavesdropping.

  15. Tishomingo says:

    This Week on JUNGLE! : Erica (lower right) gets fed up with Nick’s infidelity and makes a drastic decision. Christine ( upper right) announces to Dad she is taking over the family business come hell or high water. Blanche’s mental health (low center) takes a dive and she decides plastic wrap will keep the aliens from posessing her body….

  16. Alan says:

    Grandpa Jones never returned from his African safari. His body was never found. Nothing was left except for a heavily-trampled campsite and a camera with one photo in it: a closeup of a charging elephant.

  17. Flound says:

    Poor blind girl, nobody told her where to look at.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Looks staged.

  19. Modine says:

    The Andersons pose for the holiday snapshot in their Jungle Room, but sister Mimi pauses to contemplate what the room will look like with green shag carpeting on the walls.

  20. Debra says:

    Also, my first thought was that the sister in red was blind and they forgot to face her towards the camera. Awkward.

  21. dsto says:

    Captivated by the Stuffed Zebra head on the opposing wall, Jen missed her photo op…

  22. Dory Dirtbag says:

    Perfect! My new favorite!

  23. ballfour says:

    Looks like mom is the only one smart enough to prepare for the inevitable shower from the elephant’s trunk.

  24. Truff says:

    Based on the body language and facial expressions in that pic, I would suggest that the title of the WB show is:

    “Ten Things We Resent About Our Mother”

  25. JT says:

    I thought you wrapped the FURNITURE in plastic to keep it nice?!

  26. Angie says:

    Jessica still hasn’t spoken to her sister for stealing her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Samantha and Josh have teamed up to oust every one else out of Grandmother’s will right under the nose of oblivious business tycoon Dad. Little does Josh know that Samantha has her own agenda, and it all has to do with the family secret. Schemes. Betrayal. Really bad family portraits. All this and more on the next episode of…The Elephant Room!

  27. Michaela Spangenburg says:

    When I first read the title, I thought it was referring to the Dad, who is wearing all grey and everyone seems to be avoiding.

  28. Juno says:

    I like imagining that the picture of the elephant is actually a mirror . . . .

  29. Mick says:

    Was dad an Ivory hunter?

  30. Cyndie says:

    It may not be the WB anymore… but the caption wouldn’t have been NEARLY as funny! And OMG…I didn’t even notice the elephant picture until I re-read the title again! This is one of the best pictures/captions in a long time! Bravo!!!

  31. Lisa says:

    I like that the animal print chair is by the elephant and everyone gathers round! They’re all dressed up but nobody wants to go!

  32. MM says:

    When will people learn how to use a flash properly? Probably never.

  33. princessluceval says:

    Bizarre. To keep mom fresh, they’ve wrapped her in plastic.

  34. Jenna says:

    Hilarious! I love how the girl in red is rolling her eyes and the only one smiling is Dad.

  35. josie says:

    It looks like they had high hopes for this photo that somehow did not quite come off….

  36. Michael says:

    Leopard print arm shelf: check!
    Vacant stare off into the distance: check!

    Did someone unpack the matriarch? No, we don’t have time to remove all the plastic wrap! We’re about to lose the older sister! Just put her in the chair and snap the picture already!

    Priceless 🙂

  37. frank says:

    leapin leopard print, it’s a jungle in there

  38. krispymac says:

    i hope the chair is in the show….

  39. uhhh..whups says:

    Poster from the early 90’s psychological thriller ‘Stalker-Elephant.’

  40. Selena says:

    Everybody looks like they’re having a major conversation in their head with themselves. Oh, and it’s no longer the WB. It’s now the CW. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

    • Tim says:

      No, selena…noone’s talking to themselves…

      “Yes, they are!”
      “No they’re NOT!!”
      “SHUT UP!”
      “LET HIM TALK!”

  41. Jeff says:

    Girl in Red: “Fine! I’ll be in your stupid picture, but I WILL NOT look at the camera. Oh, and if this ever shows up on the internet….”

  42. Christine says:

    Great caption! I like the Glamour Shots wrap thing on mom.

  43. jenn says:

    What’s up with the one eyed elephant?

  44. Wombat Girl says:

    Reminds me of the opening sequence to Family Feud

  45. Julie says:

    Yep, you can make the teenagers pose for the photo… but you won’t win that battle.

  46. Braden says:

    …now all i can see is mum on the lepoard skin…. grrrrrrrrrr : D

  47. Jenitalia says:

    Caption is perfect!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  48. Braden says:

    .. they’re brothers!.. the ears gave it away…

  49. Braden says:

    one of these kids is doing there own thing…

  50. Charmy says:

    It’s hard to talk about the problem since there always seems to be an elephant in the room…

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