September 4th, 2009

Playtex - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Who needs toys?

(submitted by Megan)

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  1. Nicole says:

    I want to see a reenactment. Hahaha.

  2. Rachel says:

    I got back to my sit on the airplane – and what did I see? all the tampons were pulled off by their threads… pretty embarrassing at the time …he was a one year old baby trying to keep himself busy on a 10 hours flight ….
    his dad was sound asleep while this drama took place…

  3. chanda says:


  4. 0-60 says:

    LOL!!! This is even more hilarious to me because I used to do this when I was younger!

  5. ahaley says:

    Ummmm DeeDee the door is OPEN the person taking the photo is standing in the doorway……..

  6. DeeDee says:

    FFS the bathroom door is SHUT! It’s staged.

  7. Lynn says:

    The boy in the lion suit looks like he wants to be “Edward Tamponhands.”

  8. Lynn says:

    The boy in the lion suit could be “Edward Tamponhands.”

  9. Pam says:

    My Mom once heard my two older brothers laughing so hard, and saying, “Mom will be so happy”. She picked into the bathroom where they both were dipping Mom’s sanitary napkins in the toilet and scrubbing the walls with them!!!

  10. Mona Estrada says:

    Hah realize people don’t know Child
    Development! At 13 months my son found my tampax
    And took them,stuck them in his nose, played elephant,
    Then proceeded to dip the tampons in toilet
    To watch them go big … Big mama !

  11. Mrs K says:

    I find it pretty spot-on that the liners at the bottom make a perfecr “T”. T for tampon, anyone?

  12. jason says:

    of course the one kid has a lion suit on, why else would he need “claws”…and like a good brother, he didn’t want junior to feel left out. F’ing hilarious. I love it.

  13. JayZen says:

    Through the wardrobe lies Narnia. The cabinets in moms bathroom… Whole nother place!

  14. Laura says:

    My nephew, when he was 2 or 3, used the super pads of his moms to stick to the toilet seat and make it cushioned like the ones they can buy at the store. Pretty smart kid! These types of pix are priceless & tickle the funny bone all the day long. I can’t get that younger one’s expression out of my head. HILARIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Susan says:

    My favorite story is my good friend who found his mom’s pads and used them to cushion his bike seat. He thought he was really smart until his mom told him, red-faced, what those “cushions” were for!

  16. Sher says:

    PRICELESS!! (Not the wasted feminine hygiene products, those things are expensive!)

  17. Gladys says:

    Oh thank GOD!! my kids aren’t the only ones…

  18. they both looks so cute, the girl with lion costumes and the boy doing finger puppets.

  19. grannypanties says:

    The baby is hilarious he is so amazed!!!lol so cute

  20. dawn says:

    A friend of mine’s two small sons took out all of her pads, peeled the backing off and “papered” the bathroom-while she was having a dinner party. Nice surprise for one of the guests.

    Oh and to the person who says that it was staged 1) too expensive to waste 2) too much explaining to do to kids 3) the look on the toddlers face is exactly that of a toddler who wanted what his big bro had, and his big brother put one on his finger, hence the look on his face. 4) I would surprised if the person who says it was staged has kids

  21. Lucy says:

    At least they’re playing with them on the floor, not stuffing them in the toilet, which is what my 3 year old did.

    • April C says:

      Oh, that’s awful!! Mine stuck up a wall of pads about 4 x 4 on my hallway-wall!!

      • Dee says:

        My son did that too! He goes “Mommy, I put up my art like we do in school!” and I was thinking he’d drawn on the wall or drawn on paper and thumbtacked it to the wall. No such luck – I’d just had a baby and an ENTIRE pack of “supers” had become WALLPAPER. He did make them into a “scene” though, they weren’t stacked up like bricks.

        • Jesse's Girl says:

          That’s awesome lol glad I’m not the only one! My 2-year-old stuck an entire box of panty-liners all over the wall, cupboards & toilet of our small main floor bathroom when we had company over…one of our guests politely asked if we had another washroom he could use and I just about died when I saw her little masterpiece :O

  22. Davo says:

    The name of this should be “Where the wild things are”

  23. Marlo says:

    I don’t think this photo is staged…I’m sure a mom with two little ones has many more things to take care of besides staging their kids surrounded by tampons in a picture.

    With regard to the little one not being able to put it on his finger…ever think that maybe the older brother put it on his finger for him….this way they both get the blame, not just the older one!

  24. lishy says:

    OMG!!! I am am always amazed at what kids will find entertaining! This is too funny and adorable!

  25. Graeme says:

    In the Navy or any branch that still uses the regular black combat boots (they’re now “sand-colored” in the Army), tampons are very useful in polishing said boots; they work better than anything I’ve ever tried.

    • nimblykimbly says:

      Hmm, my husband was just asking me the other night if I would polish his boots (yes, they still issue black ones for dress). Great tip, I’m going to try it!! 😀

  26. Lace says:

    Hilarious! I <3 the look on the face of the smaller kid…. He looks SOO amazed! lol

  27. John says:

    Gee Trevor,
    You seem to be jumping to a flurry of conclusions – you might be surprized at the breadth of toddler imagination and dexterity. Staged or not, the eyes and mouth of the tyke in the stripped shirt seem to reveal genuine amazement. Give it a rest. Recognize that the two chidren are having a good time. That and the insight into your own life are the important bits – not any potential for cheap or possibly exploitive laughs.
    Besides, if this is indeed staged, the ‘inserter’ held high by the awe-struck discoverer is on the wrong digit!

  28. Trevor says:

    This is clearly staged. The kid in the lion costume might be able to get them on his/her fingers, but the toddler certainly doesn’t have the coordination for that and was obviously helped by an adult. All the stuff on the floor is too neatly placed also. When have kids ever been this neat when getting into stuff? I hate when people stage photos just to try and get a laugh.

    • Anana says:

      No was this is staged… that stuff is expensive & now MOM has to make another trip to the store before the next visit from Aunt Flow.

      • Fabio says:

        By saying it was staged you ruin other peoples thoughts about the picture, even if they thought it might have been staged, it was still funny. But when someone barges in and slams the picture, well it kinda ruins the picture.

        • Tracy says:

          I’m pretty sure this was not staged. I’ve worked with toddlers for years and the majority are entirely capable of putting a tube on their finger.

          • Gram says:

            I don’t think this was staged. My guess is the older kid could have helped the little one some, but what else would you do with a paper tube? Put it on your finger! LOL I still think this is hilarious.

    • nimblykimbly says:

      Have you thought for one moment that maybe big brother put the applicator on his little bro’s finger? I love the pic, I think it’s hilarious and I could SOOO see my kids pulling something like that… this is far from staged, so quit trying to ruin it for everyone.

    • Oh, now, get a life and increase your imagination and sense of

  29. SV says:

    just goes to show you that you never know what kids are doing when they are quiet.

    • Halfreck says:

      That’s not true, when kids are quiet they are engaging in monkeyshines. It’s one of the laws of physics or somehting….

  30. Red Land says:

    The lion costume really makes the photo.


  31. Wu says:

    These toys are good for all ages. . . when they are older they make great projectiles for slingshots and other weapons. Ask my sons! 😀

  32. Marsha says:

    Oh my! This is HILARIOUS!!!

  33. Juliana says:

    The look on the little boy’s face is priceless

  34. Patti says:

    the funniest picture I think I have ever seen

  35. Lisa says:

    Looks like Tampax signed Wolverine to an endorsement deal – maybe there will be product placement in the sequel!

    • Anana says:

      where have you been all my life?

      such intelligent underappreciated comedic genius & no spelling errors … we should start an AFP wine & wisecracks group!

      • Graeme says:

        (After that comment, I feel it is important to note that “whine” has an “h” in it, which makes that very possibly the best comment ever)

        • ummmm... says:

          (After that comment, I feel it is very important to point out that “wine”, as in the drink, does not have an “h” in it)

          • good job says:

            (After that comment, I feel it is important to note that Graeme is a failure which makes that very possibly the best comment ever)

          • Kanye says:

            I’m very happy for you and I’m going to let you finish, but why in the hell is that kid in a lion suit?

          • Falaladoptmeplease says:

            (Putting my entire comment inside parenthesis is my favorite thing to do.)

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