What Goes Up

October 6th, 2009

What Goes Up - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Dad wanted to help, but was told to stay behind the fence.

(submitted by Jessica)

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  1. Shan says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LMAO! That’s hilarious! Aside from the fact that it looks like she bonked her head… it’s funny! 🙂

  2. Bry says:

    Photoshopping is painfully obvious here. Look at the shadows. Look at the shadows… on the window…. Clear things tend to not smudgy, poorly erased shadows on them, unless the picture is poorly photoshopped.

  3. Claire says:

    I especially love the red eyes – quick, call an exorcist!

  4. Tevo says:

    C’mon Satan… not cool!

  5. Joyce says:

    I think she’s stuck to the ceiling.

  6. mamasmilkman says:

    That’s good. Yeah, just aim the child towards the sliding plate glass doors.

  7. Shannon F says:

    That’s pretty much the expression I make whenever I see someone I don’t like coming towards me to make conversation.

  8. jamoo says:

    demon baby! demon baby!

  9. Lol says:

    Does this remind anybody else of the sims game? When they have a birthday and they grow up?

  10. bellybutonlint says:

    this is what happens when you rub a baby on your hair…the static electricity just takes over…

  11. Samantha says:

    i really hope that ended well.

  12. prsfan2008 says:

    This poor kid looks absolutely terrified.

  13. nrd says:

    Are you sure she isn’t stuck to the ceiling in all her holy glory?

  14. LittleMsKB says:

    I love this photo…so cute. My hubby had fun like this with all 4 of my children. Yes, it was scary, but they loved it! Never harmed them in any way! But, one question…wouldn’t her hair be flying around a little bit as she’s coming down? Or maybe she’s still going up. Either way, she’s a cutiepie!

  15. Jeff says:

    The power of Christ compells you. I need a young priest and an old priest. Don’t look into her eyes.

  16. Chelle says:

    With some 18 foot doors

  17. BSE says:

    They need an old priest and a young priest in there stat! But only after they’re able to restrain her to the bedposts and stop her head from spinning.

  18. bailey says:

    oh man that must be crazy!!

  19. jenniep says:

    now reagan……………we told you before………..you cannot come downstairs while mommy is entertaining

  20. ME says:


  21. Kasia says:

    I wonder when this photo was taken…

  22. feelinz says:

    People really need to shut up with the Photoshop. Most of you are clearly not experts, get off your high nerdly horses! The lady who took the pic is here and stating that it was NOT Photoshopped. What is with some people, jeez. Buzzkills all around.

  23. Joanne says:

    It’s Tabitha Stevens! Great mid air shot!

  24. Erik says:


  25. gruven_reuven says:

    Parenting in Zero Gravity

  26. Mark R says:

    Is this guy worshiping a vision of the toddler Jesus?

    If so, it’d be good to know the date this picture was taken. If only we knew.

  27. mechanon says:

    the next chris angel

  28. james says:

    How is dad planning on catching her with his ghost arm?

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