Size Doesn’t Matter

October 9th, 2009

Size Doesn’t Matter - Prom

Congratulations to our awkward couples winners, Josh and Amy, for proving that size really doesn’t matter.

267 Responses to “Size Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Francine :) says:

    that is cute as 🙂 n’aww

  2. madcrazymax says:

    try this went on a date when i was a teenager remember this well cause we got teased she was 4’9″ little tiny vietnamese girl that my nieghbor trying to fix me up with i’m 5’3″ at that time now my fiance is 5’0″ i’m 5’5″ so we perfect

  3. Billy says:

    Note how the picture is cropped off at the bottom. I’m convinced she’s standing in a hole and he’s standing on a box. 😉

  4. novascottch says:

    I would also like to add that hugging a guy who is so much bigger than yourself is the most comfortable, safe feeling in the world <3 I think tall men and short women compliment each other in many ways 🙂

    • novascottch says:

      *safest, most comfortable. I’ll correct my own grammar before my grammar Nazi brethren start badgering me.

      • grammarnazi says:


        • Novoscotia says:

          compliment is correct.

          • Cassaundra says:

            NO. compliment is NOT correct. A compliment is a positive comment, such as: Your corsage is lovely.
            to complemEnt is to make an improvement through addition or an advantageous pairing, such as: he was a good complement to the regiment, or, the red wine and steak complemented each other perfectly.

            There is no ignorance so great as WILLFUL ignorance…….

    • jess says:

      I totaly agree! i am 5’5 and my guy is 6’2. He has about 100 lbs on me, and I LOVE IT!!

  5. novascottch says:

    This looks like me and my boyfriend. I’m a very petite 5’2″ and he’s a large man of 6’4″, so I don’t really find this awkward. But it’s a really cute pic.

    • grammarnazi says:

      Sorry – couldn’t resist the grammar bit. But I agree. My wife is 4’11”, and I’m 6’2″, and we couldn’t be happier. We get looks every once in a while, but who cares? Love doesn’t care about size.

  6. XxbluebirdyxX says:

    >_> weird

  7. THISgirl! says:

    You can’t beat this… I’m 5’6″ and my bf is 5’8″. What now suckas?!?!? Now that’s awkward…

  8. shortdude says:

    speaking as a relatively short guy (5’1″) with a tall wife (5’10”)…this is nice and refreshing to me. 🙂

  9. Stephanie says:

    My fiance is 6’4, I’m 5’5…not so bad. We were shopping one day, and I have this thing about needing to keep my eye on my purse at all times in the cart… so I said stay put!! He laughed and said…”Who’s gonna bug your purse with me standing here anyway?” He had a point.

    I think the picture is cute, although he’s leaning on her… I worry about her getting squished…(in other circumstances as well) ;o)

  10. Emily says:

    Talk about awkward. My boyfriend is 6’9″ tall and I’m 5’4″. Man try to dance is the hardest!

  11. Big Gal says:

    Speaking as a woman well over 6 feet tall…would you Shorties please stop unnecessarily depleting the world of tall guys? Give a Big Gal a break here! I’m not about to go walking around with a guy who barely clears waist level, for crying out loud!!

    • Court says:

      Thank you!!!!!! I’ve been thinking that for yyyyyyyeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrssssssss……. Everywhere you go there you see these really good looking tall guys…… and then right beside them is a tiny girl that doesn’t look like she should be out of kindergarten…… Life can be so cruel….. lol

      • Rina says:

        Tall men like petite women..thats just how it is…

        • A Tree says:

          Yikes. Sweeping generalization much? Have you met every tall guy to make that statement?

          I’ve met my fair share of tall men attracted to tall women like me….

          • Reese says:

            It’s whatever the individual is attracted to geez…
            However this pic does remind me of how me & my ex must have looked lol

    • Shorty says:

      well, thinking from a genetic standpoint, it makes sense that short women go after tall men… if short women mated with short men, their children would be doomed to eternal shortness.

  12. Tosh says:

    Not seeing the awkward here…

  13. A Little Creeped Out says:

    So, I’m tempted to say “Awe, cute.” but what hits me is that she looks like a sweet little … GIRL. I’m sorry, it’s just oddly like someone from high school dating someone from elementary school… I hear banjos.

  14. :) says:

    awww cute 🙂

  15. Snufleupagus says:


  16. Hahahaa….the comments are too funny!! lol I am laughing and trying to keep quiet at the same time.

  17. Arries says:

    i might have just wet myself…

  18. Miranda Jacky says:

    Her head could fit in his mouth.

  19. Am I Missing Something says:

    OK so I read the comments string. Where exactly is the picture in here?

  20. Julian says:

    Awww this is adorable! I’m so happy for them! 🙂

  21. Crazy Funny says:

    These comments are so hilarious and definitely a lot more funny than the pic! I have cried laughing at all the “grammer police” comments….too funny! Thank you for making the end of my work day go by a lttle faster!!!

  22. Geology Rocks says:

    Nearly peed @ this comment

    Lerxt says:
    December 29, 2010 at 10:39 am

    “My wife is a carbon atom and I am Galaxy cluster ACO 3341.”

    bahahahahahaha! sciencetifical funnies!

  23. laughing at the stuff before me says:

    I was reading everything in the middle of the page and could NOT stop laughing. This picture is just a picture. Grammar? Really? It was hilarious anyway. THANK YOU. Hehehe…

  24. coolcat says:

    dang son! if refridgerator perry jr. tips over on kate moss over there, shes dooonnnnneeee.

  25. Myo says:

    All I could say is.. Aaaawwww

  26. jacqui says:

    Well what about this. I am a 6’1″ girl and my boyfriend is 5’4″.

  27. mrsmendlebright says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole thread!! The grammar and spelling police, included!! Thanks all! Lauging is good for a body!

  28. Emily says:

    I went to a dance with a guy who was 6’6 and I am 5 foot. The next day I had the worse neck pain of my life from looking up the entire night!!!

  29. annon says:

    This is sooooooooo sweet!!!!!! it really shows everyone has differences but that it dont matter.

  30. Anonymous says:

    All I gotta say is I hope she doesn’t accidentally fall into his french fries

  31. MouthyMaven of Ravenloft - just beyond the forgotten realms says:

    I actually have the opposite problem with my fiance…I am 5’11” and he is 5’5″, Plus I weigh about 80 pounds more than him…AWKWARD…I will have to send in one of our engagement photos.

  32. Yuri says:

    looks my bf and me. my bf is 6.5 and im 5.2

  33. Nene says:

    Aww this is so cute. my junior year I dated and went to prom with a guy that was 6’11 anddd I’m only 5’5… people looked at us like we were crazy all the time for our size difference but it never mattered. kudos to other awkward sized couples

  34. Lydia says:

    I wonder what the kid’s will look like…..

  35. Natalie says:

    haha, dang too funny. i would say very AWKWARD? -_-

  36. Jenny Stevens says:

    i think it’s so cute!

  37. cayla says:


  38. Leanne says:

    Yeah, but those toenails are hell on his shins !

  39. Tonia says:

    This is much like my prom photos as well I was 4’11” amd he was 6′ 7″. Good times. I am sure you can imagine the bj jokes that were made. I doubt this poor couple was safe from teasing.

  40. KDL says:

    Awww! I’m 4’10 and my husband is pushing 6’2.

  41. Kate says:

    So, is he huge or is she teeny? Or…both?

  42. Kate says:

    How do they dance, or potentially…you know.

  43. shoegirl says:

    @ EXTREME: Size doesn’t matter…. Only poor workmen fault their tools….

  44. EXTREME says:

    Apparently… “SIZE” does matter…

  45. Craig says:

    Looks similar to my wife and I. We are not quite as substantial. I am 6’2″, and she is 5’1″.

    • grammar police says:

      my wife and ME

      • police to the grammar police says:

        actually, it is I

        • Police to the police to the grammar police says:

          Nope, sorry. It’s “me.” You only use “I” if a verb is going to follow. If he said “looks similar to how my wife and I look,” then that would be correct. But based on what he said, if you take out “my wife and,” you are left with “looks similar to I,” and that would be incorrect. Thank you, come again.

          • Person who feels the urge to insert her intelligence says:

            I was going to correct the police to the grammar police as well. Then I saw your comment, I felt the need to make my support known.

          • Person who sucks at grammar says:

            It all makes sence now how i was failing english class!!

          • Nicale Esilini says:

            What does it matter whomever referred how the pictures are quoted…the quirkiness, strange yet so true that people would pose in such behaviour are
            weird, odd & in some ways include some humorous background is what makes up the imbalance in the world we all have to live in…to keep it us from insanity!

          • ryan says:

            behaviour isn’t a word. neither is sence.

          • To the people who believe they're more intelligent than they really are says:

            Behaviour is a word, it’s just Canadian spelling.

          • Grammar Police Police says:

            Dear Grammar police,

            I just thought I would point this out…

            “looks similar to how my wife and I look,”

            The comma should be outside of the quotation marks. Thanks for playing, now go find a hobby.

          • KATIEKAT says:

            Does it really matter something is said on this website! One should look at this website and not have to worry about grammer!

          • spellcheck says:


          • to grammar police police says:

            Regarding “The comma should be outside of the quotation marks. Thanks for playing, now go find a hobby”:

            Commas always go within quotation marks. Colons, semi-colons, and every other punctuation mark go outside, unless they are part of the quote or dialogue itself.

            I’d make a snide remark about coming again and finding hobbies, but I just realized this is a week late. Oh well. I get the last word. Muahaha.

          • to grammar police police says:

            I should also add that periods go inside quotation marks. My bad.

          • Get over it says:

            Ya’ll really need to find something better to do. I’m in high school and we fight about more meaningful things than this.

            Don’t correct me on “Ya’ll” it’s how I talk.

          • Can't help myself says:

            I can’t help myself. The use of the word “y’all” isn’t inappropriate in itself. It’s the way you spelled it that is incorrect. If it is in fact “the way you talk,” then you should probably attempt to learn how to spell it. It is a contraction of the words “you” and “all,” which means the band-aid (kindergarten talk for you grammar-phobes) goes where the words crashed. Hence, the word is “y’all.” Merry Christmas!

          • Chuck Norris pwns all says:

            “Grammar-phobes”? I ain’t ‘fraida no grammar!

          • Ponyo says:

            Behaviour is also the English and Australian spelling.

          • Katie says:

            It amuses me that people who are posting here are telling others to stop posting here and get other hobbies.

            It’s ironical. (Lest that begin another grammar/spelling flap, I’m joking about “ironical”.)

          • AMUSED says:


            Really? I’m sitting at work with nothing better to do than laugh at others unfortunate photo ops.

            I want to thank all of you who have previously commented on this picture. You have managed to totally advert the attention from this darling couple to the fact that the majority of us care WAY too much about others ignorance.

            LOL. Again, thank you. I have laughed more at this sequence of comments than ANY picture I have seen on this website.


          • Laughsatsillies says:

            Bahahahaha…Amused forgot his/her apostrophe at the end of “others” to indicate the possessive plurality of all that ignorance. 🙂 Y’all are funny!!!


            I agree with AMUSED, the comments are funnier than the photo! Y’all are nuts! 😉

            THANK YOU to Grammar Police for point out that commas and periods go inside quote marks! This is one of my biggest pet peeves!

          • OUCH! says:

            For Laughter is the Best Medicine: Punctuation marks only go inside quotes in American English. Over here we keep them outside where they belong, thank you very much.

            Oh yes… The piccie is adorable. I sure hope for her that if they ever have kiddies they come after her. I mean… OUCH!

          • Abi says:

            im 12, and even i know u r being stupid. this is a website 4 people 2 have fun and laugh at funny pictures. im trying 2 take a break from school here, people!! and dont try 2 correct me. this is how i like 2 type. grammar police, u started this and its stupid. END THIS WAR NOW! STOP THE VIOLENCE! thank you for listening.

        • Grammar helper says:

          An easier way to remember is to think about the sentence without “my wife” in it. “Looks similar to I” doesn’t make sense, but “Looks similar to me” does, therefore “Looks similar to my wife and me” is correct. I hope this helps 🙂


            THANK YOU!! This entire thread was a hilarious read! I cracked up laughing so hard. Especially the ‘oh well. I get the last word. Muahahaha’ Now I just wish I had someone around to show, and share the laughter with… too bad they’re isn’t none of my friends and family around to show this here thread to right now. There really missing out! 😛 ohhh yeah… that was on purpose. Thanks again for the laugh!!

          • why???? says:

            twitch! my head is going to hurt the rest of the day! why would you purposely hurt the poor english language like that?

    • Blloyd says:

      Im 5’1…my hubby is 6’8″…just something sexy about the tall guys. 🙂

      • I speak American :D says:

        Haha! Thanks for making my dull day more amusing. I totally forgot what the whole pic was about. At first i was depressed when I saw the word “grammar” being mentioned since it’s summer and I despise grammar, but you definitely showed me a bright side to it. You guys no humor!
        And I did that on purpose.

        • lola says:

          Wow, a 12 year old girl is more mature than all the grammar cops. Thank you, Abi! (What is Abi short for?)

          • Abi says:

            short 4 abigail. thank you for being the only person to agree w/ me.

          • Me! says:

            Dear “Abi,”
            Obviously the numbers are not ALWAYS how you type, because you just wrote “Thank YOU FOR being the only person TO agree with me.” Maybe you should stick with your default (the correct way of writing). It isn’t irritating.

  46. jenny says:

    thats so funny
    its so cute
    how do they dance

  47. VMV says:

    This actually looks a bit like my prom picture. I went with a guy who was 6’5″. I’m barely pushing 5’1″.

  48. Baste11 says:

    Well that’s one girl that never has to worry about being attacked when her man’s around!

  49. Jack says:

    awww thats cute

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