October 26th, 2009

Ass-Kissers - Wedding

Sometimes you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do.

(submitted by Sarah)

65 Responses to “Ass-Kissers”

  1. Spifman says:

    “In other parts of the world, they believe people come back as cows. On our mountain, we thought that donkey sure reminded me of her dearly departed mother. We wanted to be sure she was part of the festivities.”

  2. Soquel says:

    I think this is cute! Maybe they breed donkeys.. If my boyfriend was down I would do this with my pot belly pig at my wedding… unfortunatly he’s not nearly as fond of him as I am for some reason…

  3. Like Shrek movies, awesome animation.

  4. Paz Parihar says:

    I love Shrek, awesome movies!

  5. harriet says:

    and now you may kiss his ass!

  6. seagreen says:

    ‘funny. i don’t seem to remember putting this on the registry.’

  7. John says:

    nothing says “I Love You” like lyme decease lol

  8. Jason says:


  9. pardate says:

    Face the facts, folks. If you want you want your marriage to succeed, you’re just gonna have to kiss some ass occasionally.

  10. Chelsea and Payton Haynidewicz says:

    This is the greatest web site in the world. I love your photo, ass-kisser.
    We would like to know the story behind this picture. Did you get married on a Farm? Did you randomly decide to do this? Were you just longing some prolong enjoyment of this picture? We want details! ASAP! Explain this … right away!!


    Chelsea and Payton Szegihaynes

    PS. WE NEED TO KNOW!…. alright?

  11. sweets says:

    The donkey is like “what the hell?”

  12. dia says:

    hey, when you can’t find a white horse, a white donkey is the next best thing 😉 GOD bless, dia

  13. MN says:

    This is inexplicably cute. I appreciate their sense of humor.

  14. barb says:

    It’s like some kind of fairytale: “Just one kiss and your donkey will return to his former magnificent Prince-self, and all three of you will live happily ever after…”

    My guess:
    They’ve been to the races, they own a racehorse, it won, but only because the donkey (the horse’s floating buddy) helped them to load the horse. Hence the expression of donkey gratitude, and also the not-quite-wedding-attire… Maybe.

    Oh please won’t someone explain?!

  15. lowestcommondominator says:

    Maybe they misheard it as “you may now kiss the bridle”?

  16. drew says:

    The look on the donkey’s face is priceless.

  17. Dane says:

    Puss’n Boots and Shrek were both miffed at getting left out of Donkey’s nuptials.

  18. Honcho says:

    Her pink toes look very yummy!

  19. patkerash says:

    at least they are kissing the correct end of the ass

  20. alice says:

    What are they thinking!

  21. cyantificPolymorph says:

    Camilla Parker-Bowles was always well received! even by the bride and groom.

  22. Laurie says:

    anyone want to play “Pin the tail on the Ass” at the reception?

  23. carol says:

    Some how this pretty beast brought them together, as animals often bring people together, and they are overly grateful.

  24. ballfour says:

    “If this wedding goes off without a hitch, we’ll BOTH kiss your ass!”

  25. BadgerFan says:

    Great! Now my mental image of a menage a trois will forever be linked to this photo!

  26. wannabeerbad says:

    Shouldn’t the caption read “Whatta Jackass!”?

  27. Descartes_Danse says:

    By the power vested in me by the Great State of Missouri …yadda yadda … I declare you husband and wife.

    You may now kiss my boney ass.

  28. kandee says:

    Ok, I definitely wanna know the back story on this one. Why? Just why?

  29. nite owl says:

    Poor ‘lil ass….

  30. Shonda says:

    Now, John, dear, if you just give a kiss to Mother when I do, she’ll forgive us for eloping.

  31. Laurie says:

    I love the lady’s shoes! Where can I get a pair?

  32. TheDorsalFin says:

    Looks like somebody took the phrase, “Kiss my pale white ass,” literally.

  33. gruven_reuven says:

    Here comes the mule, all dressed in white…

  34. Madness says:

    Is this some sort of fertility rite? Also, the donkey does not look amused.

  35. yucata says:

    i am betting on a bet

  36. bruno the bruiser says:

    Whatever the circumstances are, the one in the middle in not as into this sort of thing as the other two are.

  37. Amice says:

    This would be awkward enough in street clothes, but put the wedding spin in, and I’m sensing trouble.

  38. MCR says:

    Russell and Maria thumbed their noses at tradition, eschewed the cake, and instead started a new tradition by eating the Live Wedding Donkey!

  39. hcw80 says:

    I just love the look in the old, white donkey’s eyes. It is complete exasperation.
    “Hey, Wilbur and Jean….Less nuzzle and more carrot in my muzzle.”

  40. hcw80 says:

    Are these Democrats celebrating their wedding?

  41. suzzie says:

    At just that magical moment, the ass declared them man and wife.

  42. Scott says:

    Crazy Liberals!!

  43. doggiesmomma says:

    gives a whole new meaning to you can kiss my ass

  44. Denise says:

    No question they’ll be together forever since apparently they both thought this was a good idea. I don’t think that donkey’s too into it, though.

  45. oi says:

    The ass looks baffled.

  46. Nancy says:

    Why? Just why?

  47. Matt K says:

    Such a cute ass!

  48. Whoa says:

    Pinocchio had really hoped he would have been turned into a real boy in time for the Blue Fairy’s wedding.

  49. Mark says:

    I’m curious as to just whose ass they’re kissing….

  50. Liss says:

    Looks like a wedding photo! Was this the maid of honor or best man??

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