December 2nd, 2009

Heckled - The 80's

(submitted by Eric)

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  1. LOL says:

    Wha??!! I’m gettin my freakin pictcha taken ova here!

  2. doreen says:

    Mr. White Shorts in the back caps it for me.

  3. Highly Amused says:

    I swear someone stole this from my grandmother’s photo album. This TOTALLY could be my family.

  4. Jane says:

    George was so happy to put his family his latest movie, but then Brad dropped his pants and shocked poor Aunt Lester. Mary though, Mary’s always thinkin, she’s going to make some cash with the tabloids…

  5. HF_Buick says:

    clearly Lester & Mary are the butt whoopers in the group…

  6. Doug says:

    You know, my Aunt Lester is going to be mighty upset that you all think she has a man’s name!

  7. Chely says:

    “Hands off the fruit salad, Marney!”

  8. MyLeftNut says:

    Look at the backyard on that dude in the background! Butt-Shelf?

  9. Tim says:

    Waiting overnight in line for tickets was no problem for these DeadHeads!

  10. beckipaul says:

    Mary… “You kids keep it down over there! We’re taking a picture!!”

  11. magillicuddy says:

    I live in France and someone recently asked me, so what names in the US are kind of old fashioned and not in use anymore… thanks for the answer !

  12. kandee says:

    Man on far left appears as if he is saying: “You talkin to ME?”.

  13. Pickled says:

    The caption has been edited. When first posted, the name “Lester” was listed twice.

  14. Diana says:

    I really wish I knew what they were looking at to the left lol

  15. binkymae says:

    The photographer was experiencing an official family shunning for bringing a grocery store cake and trying to pass it off as homemade.

  16. Katie says:

    Judging by the responses to this photo, apparently the wording of the caption was more awkward than the photo itself.

  17. Jan says:

    Pish! This is nothing. My mom and dad are called Heinie and Fritz (German for Henry and Frances), and they have siblings/in-laws named Norma, Hilda, Rita, JoAnn, Clete, Leo, Dudge, Stella, and Bertha. And when they pose for photos, normally every single one of them is wearing a different pattern of some sort, too. Yee haw.

  18. coolmcfinn says:

    Who wears short (and tight) shorts?

  19. Julie says:

    Not bad but I have it beat! On just my dad’s side is Mildred, Millard, Vernon, Roy, Benevia, Son, Sunny, Bud and Buddy, Sissy, Renrer, Orvil, Ida May, and that’s just my dads brothers and sisters!!!!! Awesome picture….

  20. Samantha says:

    Glad I’m not the only one to see George Clooney in the future.

  21. D'OH says:


  22. Tina says:

    You are not following the caption right. Back row: Lester, Dick, Gene. Middle row: Thelma, Ida. Front Row: Mary, Roberta

  23. carol says:

    Wow! Not a single one of them are looking at the camera. haha!

  24. maria says:

    Is it just me or is the guy in the back all the way to the right look a little like George Clooney?

  25. SEM says:

    The guy at the top right looks like George Clooney. 🙂

  26. CP says:

    The guy in the right looks like George Clooney.

  27. Roro says:

    I spy with my little eye something that looks like George Clooney on the top right!

  28. mary says:

    the names are correct. That’s Roberta. Mary looks like fun!

  29. ALK says:

    Why do some people think there is a woman named Lester in this picture? There are 7 people. 3 men (Lester, Dick and Gene, all in the back) and 4 women (Thelma, Ida, Mary and Roberta)

  30. Bridey says:

    Lester isn’t a girl, he’s Mr. Khaki Shirt on the left. You have to read the names by rows (I think).

  31. Becca says:


    George Clooney on the right!

  32. al says:

    I sort of thought that there was a woman named Lester for a second and then realized the 3 dudes in the back are listed, then the 2 chicks in the middle and then the 2 seated in the front, which, by my calculations, would make the one looking like she is about to eat someone’s soul Mary, sweet sweet Mary. I love family reunions.

  33. TR says:

    Is it just me or is George Clooney out of place?

  34. cme says:

    A woman named Lester?

    I see three men- Lester. Dick and Gene.

    And then I see four women- Thelma, Ida, Mary and Roberta.

  35. dave says:

    three guys….lester, dick, gene. four ladies…mary, roberta, thelma, ida. caption names not in order. not really an awkward photo though.just old. i think this blog considers anything pre-1990 as “awkward”

  36. CeeBee says:

    Isn’t that George Clooney, top right?

  37. T.E. says:

    It’s Left to Right, Top to Bottom. The three men are Lester, Dick and Gene.

  38. joaniebaloney83 says:

    Anybody else notice that Gene (last dude on the right) looks kinda like an older version of George Clooney?

  39. immaculata says:

    “Everybody look at the camera… cheese!”


  40. confused says:

    Love this photo! But why is George Clooney there?

  41. Graham Charles says:

    There’s a woman named Lester?

  42. Drew says:

    I love that Roberta [as I’m guessing her to be] is holding a Polaroid. Classic.

  43. amy says:

    Don’t forget Legs in the background.

  44. Tim S says:

    If I’m following the caption right, one of those women is named Lester!

  45. Matt says:

    Everyone else seems content at just kind of looking concerned, not Ida she was upset and everybody knew about it!

  46. Shalindria says:

    Wait….one of the women is named Lester?

  47. Paula SaintO says:

    That could be my family! We have our reunion every year in Kentucky and I swear there have been pics taken like this, except someone usually has a cigarette in one hand and someone else has a mouth full of food.

    • Lisa Pisa says:

      We have pics like this in my family too. I swear, they must pass those chairs around for all the family reunions around the country!

      I’m just wondering why they are posing (or maybe getting ready to pose) for a pic with some guy’s butt in the frame.

    • Mary says:

      Mine too! Change the names to Verda, Hazel, Margaret, Myrtle, Vivian (a man, btw), Buster (another man, and, yes, that’s his real name!) and Theodore and you have our family reunion. Except they’d all be wearing rather large awkward sunhats because apparently some old folks are keen on hats. LOL

    • CarrieM says:

      Perfect. Let me guess, one of the mouthfuls is some kind of Jello salad. The fancy one, with the little marshmallows in it.

  48. Henry says:

    They’re obviously calling for the missing person(s); not awkward. Making fun of old people is awkward.

  49. Pardue says:

    Kinda looks like some of them are picking a fight!

  50. charmy_canuck says:

    We can stare too and longer bub!

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