4 Days to Xmas: Silent Night

December 20th, 2009

4 Days to Xmas: Silent Night - Christmas

It’s not easy to upstage the tree.

(submitted by Jenny)

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  1. Sidekick says:

    Please choose only one. Pantyhose or white socks! lol

  2. Lucy says:

    K…once again, I don’t see it – where the heck is the Cabbage Patch Doll?

    This poor girl could have been me, except I had the poodle perm (cringe).

  3. Slider1964 says:

    When I look at 80’s fashions now,I swear its uglier than the 70’s. But at the time I thought we all looked awesome. At least she didn’t try to have the HUGE hair, and the HUGE shoulder pads. My friend’s with Working Girl hair used like a can of hairspray a week. But the shoes and socks, scream fashion don’t for any decade.

  4. Jill says:

    OM*G! I had some glasses just like that! My glasses had tented lenses though 🙂 I’m loving the hair too.

  5. Julie B says:

    OMG.. my son and I thought that was a photo of me.. then my hubby agreed…. sad.. very sad!!!

  6. Becky says:

    This seriously makes me want to rummage through my parents house to find the picture of my sister and her best friend in 7th grade: same bright striped shirts only one was pink and one was green from The Limited with their Duran Duran hair. My sister even dipped her bangs in a bowl of peroxide because she loved Simon LeBon!

  7. Bleah! says:

    I heart the 80’s!

  8. jenno says:

    My mom’s FB comment when she saw the pic:

    “There is no way I let you leave the house looking like that!!!!!”

    My sister:

    “you single-handedly captured an entire decade’s worth of fashion in 1 outfit I think… well done!”

    My Friend Jennah:

    “That outfit should be in the Smithsonian as a historically accurate fashion record, alongside Jacqueline Kennedy’s ballgowns.”

  9. Valerie C. says:

    I am totally digging the dressy jelly shoes with socks. They may not be jellies but a girl can dream. Now only if she had matched them with her dressy scrunchy socks . . .

  10. Dixon says:

    I was the male version of this. I’m so lucky my daughter (same age as the lovely young lady in the picture) is classy, attractive and stylish! Why do parents feel the need to take these pictures, when it’s pretty obvious the kids are going through a rough patch…

  11. Blair says:

    Once again, at Christmas, Jenny was left holding the bag.

  12. carol says:

    I can’t figure the era. The skirt length, the socks with stockings (was that ever in style?) the wall paper, the glasses, etc. It’s driving me crazy, can’t get all the pieces to fit together!

  13. Norm says:

    Looks a little like Melissa Joan Hart.

  14. Philip M. says:

    Wow, is it just me or does this look JUST like Sally Jesse Raphael???
    And, you GO Jenny!

  15. rc says:

    oh jenny…you’re famous now!

  16. cranky says:

    Girl, oh girl. I was RIGHT THERE in the glorious mid-to-late ’80s. Remember when sweatshirts with squiggles of neon color were super rad? When the only glasses frame options for the nearsighted teen were “Granny” or “Your Mama”? I tip my hat to you, oh sister of the ’80s. Now I just hope that my brothers don’t find any photos of me similarly attired to share with the world…

  17. karma says:

    The 80s only exist to make the 70s look good.

    I had that whole look going on except for the cabbage patch doll. A bad home perm and Sun-In will do that to your hair.

  18. Rebecca says:

    This photo is real. My friend who is pictured here has had this on her FB page for quite sometime. We all had a good laugh about this! No photoshop. Scary thing is I think I have one of myself closely resembling this one! And yes, she did grow up to be a smashing gal! Jen, I’m glad this day has finally been rewarding for you!

  19. Don says:

    Standing transfixed before the tv, watching the Christmas episode of “Charles in Charge”, Heather could only dream of being Mrs. Scott Baio. Unfortunately her little brother, ever the prankster, took this opportunty to adorn her ears with two ornaments from the tree. She didn’t realize it till bedtime.

  20. Ang says:

    Jenny, this rocks. Thank God you got rid of that handbag.


  21. Topov says:

    And that shadow she throws onto the wall? FFS. Its the sort of shadow given when you’re barely a foot away from the surface behind you, with a directed light source close up in front of the subject, yet according to the layout she’s at least 4 ft away from it and there’s diffuse overhead room lighting.


  22. mikeb says:

    Are the angels wings on top of the tree actually moving ? ‘Cause IF THEY ARE … !!!

  23. chilaxx says:

    Toilet seat was pretty good, but this is even better!!! OOooOO I wonder what will be on Christmas Eve….

    Weirdly enough, she kinda looks like my mom. Mom doesn’t wear glasses anymore, but her hair’s about that color. And no, it isn’t dyed. I’m thirteen. 😀

  24. Sydney says:

    Are those apples on the tree?

  25. Tim says:

    Um, what has me worried is: what’s she holding?

  26. Jorie says:

    I’m not sure exactly if the Macy’s box was that style in the 80’s, but if it’s not… Oh my. At least you can blame the 80’s, but if it was taken now? That is just inexcusable awkwardness.

  27. Rick says:

    This is the epitome of awkward … and it’s only day 4. That means there must be 3 more coming that are even worse … Oh, I can’t wait to continue the countdown!

  28. D'OH says:

    I liked that everyone wore ‘suntan’ hose instead of ‘nude’ even though it was winter. Didn’t we all have suntan legs while the rest of our body was pasty white?

    • Snowrider says:

      Oh listen…One day while rushing around to get to a wedding my wife asked me to “QUICK, run to 7-11 and buy me some hose. I got to the store and had my choice of three colors: Suntan, Nude or…..Coffee. Guess which color I bought……

      • Midge says:

        The awesome thing was L’eggs…in those half egg packages. The hose came out all wrinkly and smushed, and SUPER tan…with the reinforced toe.

        • D'OH says:

          FORGOT about the ‘reinforced toe’-wasn’t THAT a NATURAL look as well! I used to pull mine WAAAAY out and then try to tuck them under my toes LOL.

          • Ponyo says:

            Me too! You had to get ones for someone taller than you to do this, otherwise you end up walking like a penguin.

  29. Shanti says:

    Her glasses, is it upsidown or just a fad back then?

  30. magillicuddy says:

    It might be that she is posing with all the nifty gifts she got… the fancy shoes, new bag, cool new sweater, stylish earrings, a new pair of socks from her baby brother… you know, one of those, “just put everything on and we’ll take a picture…” shots — at least I hope so…

    • jenno says:

      awww…you nailed it! I was holding the purse that way to make sure it was showcased in the picture…

      It was that weird phase of wanting all the “cool” clothes…and still wanting some toys…

      Those were “Annie” glasses. Yep…Little Orphan Annie had a line of eyewear…

      Can’t really tell…but I got a full mouth of braces as well…

      • magillicuddy says:

        wow ! what did I win? Can I have the bag? I already have those glasses ! Yes, we can’t see the braces, but we can all use our imagination !

  31. Charlie says:

    Remove the horrible clash of clothes and awful glasses, change the hair – it looks as though she did grow up to be a real beauty….

  32. T-party says:

    Holy he**!! I think that’s me. The gold arm chair, the wall paper, the cp kid, the glasses, oh wait the shirt, I never had one that cool. Never mind. Thanks for the flash back. NOT.

  33. bmj2k says:

    The way she’s clutching that bag, what could be in it?

  34. Alyse says:

    Good thing i wasnt born in the eighties….i’d never get any sleep if i knew pictures of me like this gem were floating around…:)

  35. meri says:

    this photo seemed strangely British to me, except for the Macy’s box and the cabbage patch doll behind it.

  36. Haha, i think the tree upstaged her…

  37. Sarah says:

    HEY!!! what happened to “Merry Christmas, Baby”???
    that was hilarious…

  38. chris says:

    Uhm, that photo must have been staged…That Macy’s box is the current style….

    • Meri says:

      Nah, Macy’s boxes haven’t changed in YEARS!

    • jennifer says:

      now that you mention it, i’m wondering about that too. someone please enlighten me here?

    • J says:


      You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • wvufan says:

      Yes someone probably photoshopped in that wallpaper too….LOL…geesh

      • jennifer says:

        no, i’m not calling photoshopped here. I just honestly thought that Macy’s used to be Bon-Macy’s, which in turn used to be The Bon before that. So shouldn’t it have been a The Bon bag? Or did Macy’s exist as a seperate store? If so, I never saw one where I lived.

        I just want to know how that worked, if i’m missing something…

        • Zipper says:

          Macy’s was around long before the Bon (remember Miracle on 34th st?) Macy’s bought the Bon! Then the Bon changed their name to Macy’s.

        • Anne says:

          I think that Macy’s, Hecht’s, and the Bon-Ton were all part of the May Department Store chain. She probably had to dress up for the obligatory trip to grandma’s house, but finally threw on socks because the blisters hurt or because grandma kept nagging her about “you’ll catch your death of cold” in open-toed shoes. It looks the girl is the only living thing in the entire room …

  39. mary peck says:

    This could be me as a kid. Ouch.

  40. Denise says:

    This is one of my favorite types of awkward: Awkward Teen Angst. Doesn’t matter the decade or the holiday or even the presence of others. It’s all in their expressions. Awkward teenagers rule!

    • wiggy says:

      You’re so right…Teen awkwardness is timeless, and always amusing for those of us who managed to emerge from the other side of it.

      That said, this one does seem particularly bad.

  41. Roberta says:

    I think that wallpaper is still up at my dad’s house…

  42. Trish says:

    my Nan had a gold armchair just like that one

  43. ConchordsFan says:

    She’s wearing hose under the socks!

  44. Laura says:

    That wallpaper has got it going on! Awesome – they made it a focal wall.

  45. Katie says:

    Huge glasses, bad pixie cut, ugly sweater, Cabbage Patch Kid – this is my childhood!!! 🙂

  46. Chuck says:

    Ahhhh….the 80’s.

    • Boppie says:

      Ditto. And they weren’t much better for the guys, either. Capezio shoes, Member’s Only jackets, pleated pants, mullets….

  47. Lesley says:

    If people would stop posting pictures of themselves from the 80’s then we could just pretend the whole decade never happened!

    • chevygirl says:

      But the 80’s ROCKED! Jelly shoes. Plastic Braclets by the DOZENS, Neon shirts, Cabbage Patch kids, Acid wash jeans, 40 lb walkmans and of course the RAT TAIL hair do. oh yeah baby… can’t wait till it all comes back in style…NOT

    • jacque says:

      I second that. I heard that the giant glasses are coming back. I don’t care! I will continue to wear small glasses no matter how out of stile they become!

  48. Meri says:

    Wow, dark hose, socks, and open toed shoes. It takes a real women to pull that off!

  49. par3182 says:

    liz lemon: the early years

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