French Kiss

September 27th, 2010

French Kiss - Pets

When you see an opening, you take it.

(submitted by Katie)

32 Responses to “French Kiss”

  1. Sandra says:

    Made me GAG.

  2. Matt says:

    So sweet 🙂

    not that I think anything would happen unless your dog eats raw meat and poop, but aren’t infant’s immune systems rather fragile compared to ours?

  3. Maalak says:

    I agree with Debbie and take it one step further. Diseases can be transferred from dogs to humans. This act and those like it should be classified as CHILD NEGLECT AND RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT!!!

    • a.j says:

      are you serious? i mean really?
      people beat the children, starve them etc , and your stressing out over a picture of a dog kissing a baby? really? i think u need to re-arrage your prioritys.
      my moms dog does this to my girl contstantly, hell she tries to do it to all the adults constantly, and kids cant get enough dog licks in the face, its gross but , you know….thats it. chill out.

    • Really? says:

      Really Child Neglect and reckless endangerment? The mother of the child said the in Sept. of 2010 said they were taking photos for another child’s school project and this happened during a series of photos in a split second. Put dogs and kids in the same room and that will happen. You don’t know the whole story so don’t cry neglect and endangerment here.

  4. Dustin says:

    The people on here that are so P.C. can take a flying leap, kids need germs. That said, it has been proven that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, so I don’t see what the big fuss is, two I’m sure that this isn’t posed. It might have been meant like “hey rover give the baby a kiss” for a picture, but I don’t think this was the intention, funny nonetheless though. Also if you don’t like the pictures, there is a little x in the corner, you can close your web browser and never look at this website again, just leaving a negative comment like that is ridiculous! Lighten up, leave these people alone, they just want to share the awkwardness with everyone else. If anyone was being harmed, I’m sure that people would be smart enough not to post it, or the webmaster I’m sure screens these photos first.

  5. KMac says:

    It’s cute, hilarious, AND awkward. How many times does a dog do this to his or her adult owner? Well, maybe not a straight lick to the mouth, but I’m sure there are definitely doggy kisses. This is simply this little doggy’s way of giving the baby kisses. He or she just accidentally slipped in some tongue. It happens to the best of us.

  6. WJ says:

    Aw….but don’t dogs lick their own butts? Better have the baby gargle with some lysol.

    • Tishes says:

      Have you seen where babies put their fingers?? And then those fingers go into their mouths, and everybody else’s mouths and eyes and so on, and everyone is fine. My kids won’t share a cup because they’re afraid of each others’ cooties, and yet they’ll smooch the dog, and nobody has died of dog cooties yet so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  7. Michelle says:

    Yet another classic pic and a slew of peeps too P.C. and overconcerned with the welfare of an innocent child.

    THIS is why we fail as a country today.

    Lighten the F up.

  8. Billy says:

    This picture made my balls retract. BLEH.

  9. JennyBenny says:

    The dog’s name is Frenchie

  10. DebbieEhm says:

    There’s nothing funny about a dogs germy tongue in a baby’s mouth. And don’t come down on me – I have two dogs that are like my other children. I just don’t think forcing a little baby to endure this is funny.

    • Brian says:

      I think the dog will be fine. All is good.

    • ScoutC says:

      I have been bitten by both a dog and a human child badly enough to have to go to the doctor for each and the medical staff were more concerned with the human bite than with the dog bite in terms of what diseases I could get from it.

    • katie Higbee says:

      My dog and my baby… he wasn’t forced to endure anything. We were taking a series of pictures for another child’s school project happened to catch a split second moment. Kind of funny you think he was forced… how could you even stage something like this?

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t think it is funny either, but i don’t think the parents are forcing the baby to endure anything. I think they were trying to get a cute pic of Fido with baby and then the slobber happened.

    • CarrieM says:

      Why would you think this is forced? Yeah, it’s gross. That’s why it’s on Awkward Family Pet Photos. You need to be visiting the website called Sanitized Unfunny Family Pet Photos instead of this one.

  11. savethisday says:

    Poor baby!

  12. MooseNuggette says:

    Baby’s learning experience for the day…Don’t yawn near the dog.

  13. ScoutC says:

    I hope that’s the dog’s tongue and not the baby’s! Funny—the dog doesn’t look like a French bulldog. I guess milk breath is just too impossible to resist. This pic is too funny!

  14. Lori says:

    I think just about every parent of an infant and a dog has a photo similar to this one. I think the difference here is that the kid doesn’t appear to be enjoying it. My would crawl toward the dog with his mouth wide open. Kids are weird.

  15. Bonnie says:

    Muwa ha ha! I mean quick somebody grab the baby the dog is making her gag!

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