Rest Stop

October 23rd, 2010

Rest Stop - Mom

“This is a photo of me, my lovely mother, and an angry bear. Obviously, I was just as thrilled to see the bear as it was to see me. I honestly can’t describe this photo any further because I really don’t know what’s happening. This picture does, however, sum up my childhood pretty perfectly.”

(submitted by Kayla)

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  1. Eric says:

    Child safety seat laws?!? For real…. What a bunch of tools. Sweet pic hopefully you didn’t speed away that might get some people upset too

    • Amanda says:

      This was taken at a game park where you drive 5 miles per hour. When we went a couple of weeks ago, my child sat on my lap in the front seat so when we fed the buffalo he didn’t freak out. It’s perfectly safe.

    • Rob says:

      This is also looks like it was before child safety seat laws…

  2. Um hello..people are seriously worried about car seat laws from a 16 year old pic in a car that’s parked. Swear some people need lives!

  3. Katherine from NJ says:

    To the Kayla who posted this picture. Who is this woman because I look exactly like her and i will send you my picture to prove it. I forwarded to my friends and family and they all agreed the resemblence is uncanny!

    I am from NJ and maybe we are long lost relatives.

    • Kelly says:

      Katherine, I am the mom in the pic (16 years ago, mind you) and Kayla is my sassy daughter who posted this pic of us without telling me 🙂

  4. 80sgirl says:

    People who go there should totally stage more “boring trip” photos-people giving the camera non-expressive looks, after just tossing out some bread, and the bear doing some ridiculous circus trick!!

  5. mari says:

    this is defintely the olympic game farm in sequim, washing. i went there many times when i was living in port angeles and would always take family and friends to see the bears!

  6. Bender says:

    This is why you don’t TP a bear’s cave.

  7. Jack says:

    What a cute mom!

  8. andrew says:

    she’s kinda hot but making a weird face

  9. csta says:


  10. blucat says:

    This is *almost* a Photobomb!

  11. susie says:

    Unless that fence has some really high voltage, it’s too flimsy to hold back a bear.

  12. AndrewT says:

    Think about what the photographer must be doing or saying … that’s more attention grabbing THAN A CHARGING GROWLING GRIZZLY.

  13. kristina says:

    Someone should really put that kid in a car seat, that’s dangerous…oh wait, never mind.

  14. Kate says:

    It took me a moment to realize what was wrong in this picture.
    And then it was like, “OH MY WORD. DRIVE!!!”

  15. Phil says:

    I think the bear is yawning, not growling. It’s probably as bored as the kid is.

  16. Kelly says:

    Most awesome photobomb EVER!

  17. Hey, forget the bear, she’s kinda nice…

  18. Don says:

    She wanted to show them she had changed. She was successful at her job, she was married now, she even had a son. But the past still haunted her. What she had done in their house. She wanted to make things right so her husband had suggested a trip and a meeting so she could apologize to all three. As they pulled onto the driveway Poppa saw the car and immediately recognized her. He charged the car, and Goldie could see there would be no forgiveness this trip. The chairs, the beds, the porridge…

  19. Anne says:

    This must have been taken b-4 child car seat laws took effect.

    • Kitten K. Boodle says:

      The car interior looks like it might be from the 1970s.

      • Kim says:

        We used to have a car seat for my boys, just a jumble of metal tubing and upholstery vinyl, I think the seat itself could have caused more harm than good. My husband used to strap the boys in and drive through the fields with them bouncing around in the truck. How did they ever grow up to be normal human beings? LOL

  20. thegiant_turnip says:

    me in the mornings (the one at the back)

  21. Kitten K. Boodle says:

    I feel sorry for that bear. All that effort, and they aren’t even looking at him!

  22. Sassy says:

    Is anyone else reminded of the movie “Cujo”?

  23. meri says:

    That little kid looks sedated.

  24. backchat says:

    Definately the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA. It is the best place ever to see killer grizzleys do trick for a slice of bread! They wave, snarl, pray with their paws together. There is that fence, but it is a measly thing that probably isn’t even electrified. My son’s fav memory from that place is having a giant buffalo lick the car window. I loved watching an ostrich devour a ball of bread- you could see it making its way down the long neck.

  25. nikki says:

    looks like the animal park in sequim, WA. the bears are retired circus and/or movie stars. they lay around until you throw some bread then they’ll perform “a trick”.

    it makes for a great shot! esp with the bored expressions.

  26. becca says:

    I think it’s the Olympic Game Farm. You drive through and feed animals bread. The bears are retired from the circus and they do little tricks for the morsels.

  27. laughinginohio says:

    AW, Teddy just wants to talk to ya!

  28. not from stlouis says:

    its so fake look at it its gotta be!!

  29. JT says:

    I’m guessing it’s an electric fence because it doesn’t look like the bear would have any problem going through it.

  30. Angela says:

    Someone should have photoshopped out the fence

  31. Alan says:

    We were on vacation last summer and just when I was taking Donna’s picture, some idiot humans in their car drove up and got right in the shot. Can you believe it?!? People are so arrogant.

  32. Taylor says:


  33. magillicuddy says:

    yeah, you don’t see the fence right away, just those FANGS!

  34. Nautius Maximus says:

    Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica!

  35. Melissa says:

    “Hide your wife! Hide your kids!”

  36. Leslie says:

    I think they are calmed by the fact there is a barely visible roll out metal fence between them.

  37. gerry says:

    thats uncle will before his morning coffee 🙂

  38. Jen says:

    The bear is behind a fence. It’s probably some sort of wild animal preserve.

  39. lb says:

    Looks like a place we drove through in South Dakota, it had a bunch of bears and some wolves. You can’t get out of your car obviously and they are all fenced in. Seemed kinda cruel and the bears were all sleeping and looking bored when we drove through. Would have been much better if this would have happened! How can they look so calm with a bear roaring out your window, I can imagine it would be loud.

  40. LainTexas says:

    Where ARE these people? How can they be so placid with a roaring brown bear outside their window?

    More importantly, how can I get some of whatever they’re taking to keep themselves calm? If it works when faced with an eight-foot-tall bear, it’ll work on the stress in my life.

    • CTBRK says:

      I’m with you…”I want some of what she’s having!” =)

    • Sayhello says:

      Um, hello. The bear is behind a fence. Menacing, but not panic-inducing!

    • boppie says:

      I think this is in New Jersey – there was a place called Great Adventure in northwestern NJ – that may have been some kind of social experiment, or form of population control, or just inspiration for South Park, not sure. But it brought wild predators and great American gas guzzlers together in a way you just don’t see anymore. Mercifully closed, according to my parents, long before I got chance to go 🙁

      • Allison says:

        That would be Action Park in Vernon Township, NJ. Great Adventure has a safari, and it is still alive and well and operating in Jackson Township, NJ.

        Action Park closed in 1996. I never had the chance to go either, but I’m also happy to have all my limbs intact and functional.

        • j-lu says:

          But they don’t let the monkeys play on your car there anymore! They are behind a fence now after terrorizing too many antennae. It’s a bummer.
          Action Park reopened as a lamer version of itself – all the dangerous rides are gone and there are less ambulances on call. =(

          • Heather says:

            Well then you must come on up to Canada and go to African Lion Safari where the monkeys are free to roam and rip the antenna off your car.

        • Silfax says:

          “Traction Park” — that brings back some awkward memories, too bad there were no photos that survived “the incident”. It is called Mountain Creek now, the Tarzan jump into the green water is still there, but most of the other deadly rides have been tamed down.

      • says:

        I think he was thinking of Jungle Habitat in West Milford, NJ which had a drive through safari. It was near Action Park. I grew up in West Milford and knew both parks quite well. I too, am lucky to have my limbs intact!

        • Kristin says:

          yes…yes! Jungle Habitat! I tried to describe the park to my husband…i am 40 now. He thought I imagined it all and I began to think I did!! Car is right for the time period.

      • Mez says:

        No, it is actually in Australia. That is a Kangaroo behind the fence. Mum has drunk a carton of Fosters and the kid is picking koala out of his teeth – mum is drunk, the kid is hungry, dad is taking a photo and the kangaroo is yawning… just another normal day downunder

      • Rachel says:

        I remember Great Adventure, c. 1976. I also recall being in the back seat of the car on that “safari” and an ostrich coming over to our car, and it pecking on the window, and my sisters and I screaming. Ah, good times.

    • Ryan says:

      Bear World south of Rexburg ID. Same kind of deal, bears roaming around in the “wild” behind a fence, while tourists pass through in their vehicles watching them in their “natural” habitat.

    • Sam says:

      Ok so i know exactly where this is… its down the street from my house. Its in Sequim, Washington and it is called the Olympic Game Farm… the bears are behind an electric fence and they are really docile… Generally they don’t actually roar but it looks like they do. they learned how to fake roar because some of them were in movies and the actors get scared so the bear sounds in movies are computer generated….. So… uhm… yeah! 😀

    • Ben Mueller says:

      This is one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen… they’re so casual as there is a raging bear outside their window

  41. ponownie says:

    Best shot ever!

    • farmgirl says:

      I agree! What makes it even better is that (by looking at the picture) it looks like this was taken before digital cameras…haha, imagine going through your newly developed vaca pictures…

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