Mrs. Potato Head

October 31st, 2010

Mrs. Potato Head - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Sometimes we forget Halloween is about the children.

Happy Halloween from AFP!

(Submitted by The Crouches)

103 Responses to “Mrs. Potato Head”

  1. zipper says:

    They sure have lots of little tater tots close together in age….darling lil spuds…

  2. Alan says:

    Their cousins in Paris did the same thing,except their kids were french fries.

  3. Hannah says:

    And that’s how little Suzie Potato found out that she was adopted.

  4. Crystal says:

    Seriously? Can you guys not read? It was sent in by “The Crouches” their last name is Crouch, hence “Crouch Potatoes”.

  5. emm says:

    am i just channeling something here, or does the picture not say “SUBMITTED BY THE CROUCHES”???? i cant imagine why people seem to be guessing that their last name must be crouch. now THATs awkward.

  6. Bob says:

    I am guessing their last name is Crouch…Mrs. Crouch is having fun with her married name.

  7. jen says:

    Who knew Julia Roberts had a secret life?

  8. Sandra says:

    Oh for the love of spuds. That idea should have been mashed in the bud.

  9. wendy says:

    No wonder Barty Jr. ended up rebelling. . .

  10. Moose says:

    Their last name must be Crouch and she thought it was a clever play on words. The only reason that was my first thought was our last name is Crouch. Thankfully that picture is not of us.

  11. Tony says:

    The picture is from the Crouches. It’s their last name. It’s a pun.

    • Jess says:

      Waaahhh, what’s a pun? What’s a play on words? They meant to say “couch”, I know it! I don’t geeet it, waaah! 😀

  12. Snowrider says:

    “Crouch potato”? I don’t get it. What am I missing?

  13. hmm says:

    What disturbs me the most about this is that its says crouch potato and not couch potato.

  14. LuLu says:

    Either the ballerina is adopted or is old enough to say “NO, I’M NOT WEARING THAT!”

  15. smama says:

    Crouch Potato?

  16. Heather Wood says:

    What about the little spud on the left? Is she the only family member who doesn’t get to be part of the Halloween fun?

  17. Susasn says:

    OK, Taylor, you have a choice….be a ballerina or a small fry…………

  18. Shu says:

    I swear I can read the husband’s lips in the photo…I think he’s trying to say “H-e-l-p….me”

  19. What’s a “Crouch Potato”? I don’t get it.
    And what’s with the little girl ballerina? Guess SOMEBODY didn’t like the family theme that year, eh?

  20. Michelle says:

    What’s a “crouch potato” anyway?

  21. Des says:

    I don’t get it… What’s a “Crouch” potato? Does the costume still work if she stands up?

  22. magpie says:

    “Crouch”-ing Tiger Hidden Tot. I peel sorry for the children.

  23. Tracie says:

    What I find the funniest is that the parents and boys are dressed as potatoes and the girl appears to be dressed as a princess

  24. Me says:

    What’s a crouch potato? And what’s with the ballerina? Is she not part of their spudding family?

  25. Bexa says:

    Well, it’s a nice family memory, I’m sure…just glad it’s not mine! 😀

  26. Sioux says:

    That is one of the saddest family pictures i’ve ever seen. There are so many things going wrong here:
    -why is the daughter in a princess costume not a potato costume
    -why is the dad so NOT happy
    -why is the mom’s costume over her head but the dad’s isn’t
    -why ‘CROUCH’ potato

  27. forqalso says:

    Crouch potato?

  28. carol says:

    Cute but the tater tots don’t look very happy! Little ballerina has a mind of her own this year! No rubber tater tot suit for her. Mom is really, really into this! Her idea, I bet.

  29. George P says:

    Is “Crouch Potato” a joke I don’t get, or did they misspell “Couch Potato”?

  30. JenB says:

    Is it SUPPOSED to be “Crouch” Potato and not “Couch” Potato? And if so, What’s a “Crouch Potato”?

  31. meri says:

    C-R-O-U-C-H potato? Yikes! A-W-K-W-A-R-D!!!

  32. Linda says:

    the awkward thing here is that the little girl does not seem to fit in the family theme- or am i missing something? maybe she came from the cabbage patch.

  33. kat says:

    Wait a minute! Wait a minute! CROUCH potato????? Ummm…… ewwwww.
    And what kind of “potato” is the little girl supposed to be? Ballerina potato?

  34. Tom T. says:

    At first I thought that said “Crotch Potato,” which sounded nasty.

  35. Amanda says:

    And thus little Suzy’s feelings of not belonging were born.

  36. Nanny says:

    Does her’s say crouch potato? Or Grouch? What does that mean!?!

  37. Cristina says:

    Crouch potato?

  38. Annie Clark says:

    My friend actually worked for a guy who was a potato wholesaler, who’s name was Richard & who’s wife was Patricia. YES! The employees called them “Dick Tater” & “Pat Tater”! They’re son had a nickname, too, but I’ve forgotten it..the grandchildren WERE known as the Tater Tots. NOT AN URBAN LEGEND- I MET THEM.

  39. Alex says:

    What the hell is a ‘crouch’ potato??

  40. stef says:

    Mrs. Crouch- I have a great idea for the family picture this year! Look at this sketch I drew!

    Mr. Crouch- Okay but I draw the line at covering my entire body with the potato costume.

  41. izzie says:

    I’m just guessing their last name is Crouch, maybe??

  42. gm says:

    Daughter looks so relieved that she got to wear her dance recital costume!

  43. Melissa says:

    Funny how they have a potato theme going..and then there’s a ballerina lolol

  44. Ron says:

    So just how do two self proclaimed couch potatoes make tater tots?

  45. Shelba says:

    No, sometimes we forget: “Halloween is about having fun with our children.” These kids will love to look back at this photo!

  46. brendec7 says:

    Crouch potato?

  47. ammy says:

    couch potato i get, but ‘crouch potato’ just sounds….dirty.

  48. Jenny says:

    What did the girl on the left do to get out of wearing the potato themed costumes?

  49. Allen says:

    If you if you need to label the costume so people will know what it is…

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