Cheaper By The Half-Dozen

November 2nd, 2010

Cheaper By The Half-Dozen - Babies

He just fell asleep and when he woke up…

(Photography by Brian and Janine Killian of Peters Photography)

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  1. babes says:

    It is very sweet to see the little babies like that I wish god can bless me too with 2 or 3 babies cause I had a mischarge in 2011 and since then I didn’t have a baby but when I see someone with a baby I am very happy and I know that god will give me those babies too.

  2. KaptainKlancy says:

    What sweet little babies!

  3. Toni says:

    This is a beautiful photo! I would LOVE to have this hanging on my wall.

  4. Rose says:


  5. Corinna says:

    I don’t think this is awkward , I think it’s AWESOME 😀

  6. stacy says:

    love this picture

  7. Sharon says:

    This reminds me of some of the Anne Geddes pictures I’ve seen done with babies. Done in photoshop or not, it’s totally cute. One of those pictures that should be kept as a family heirloom. Should be very memorable.

  8. Paula CENDON says:

    This is one of the most beautiful pictures I ever see, PURE LOVE!!!!!!!
    MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lauren says:

    This couple was on Oprah not to long ago.

  10. Smush says:

    This is one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen!

  11. Jenn says:

    This was on the cover of Professional Photographer magazine recently. It’s a composite. Those babies weren’t on him all at the same time. The image was Photoshopped to the hilt.

    And, yeah, an outtake of the dad getting hosed by a couple of the kids would have been great!

  12. Lynn says:

    Those babies are adorable. What makes it funny is the caption and the thought of all of them peeing on Dad.

    I’m shocked that they’re not getting the corporate sponsorship, but not surprised. The sponsors are eediots for not wanting to have those adorable babies sporting their diapers, eating their food, and so forth.

  13. Steven says:

    This picture is on the cover of the Jan 2011 issue of Photography Monthly. How awkward.

  14. courtney says:

    this is a very beautiful picture!!!

  15. doe says:

    my fave us the baby just chilling on the dads head, he just looks at peace

  16. Ama says:

    OMG…..LOVE, Love this pic…The babies r absolutely adorable…Join circle of Moms and enter Dad and baby contest..I’m sure he’s a winner…God Bless

  17. Cindy says:

    Nice attempt by the photographer but somehow he/she missed the point. Can you imagine all the puddles of pee after they picked up the babies? LOL!

  18. G Chambers says:

    your quiver is full and you are very blessed. They are beautiful!

  19. Martine says:

    Such a beautiful photo! I was so moved I followed their story, only to find out that they are receiving the kind of help and attention alot of families do when they have multiple births like this. The article said no corporations or businesses have come forward to help with diapers, food, transportation of six babies, etc. There’s an account setup at Chase Bank for the McGhee Family, the article said you could go to any Chase bank and make a contribution toward this family and their children.

    Maybe some of you would like to join me. Happy Holidays to everyone! May the blessings of abundance touch all of us where we need it the most!

    • ohsnap! says:

      Are you saying they are receiving help or are not, because the article said they are not receiving anything. Has that changed?

      • spiderdust says:

        They are *not* receiving help. I’m guessing that Martine just typoed.

        Yeah, I’m wondering how much could be raised if everyone who wanted to help out just contributed $5 to their account?

  20. Stephanie says:

    So beautiful! My boyfriend walked in and saw me ooo-ing and aww-ing over this pic and started laughing at me. Then when he saw what I was looking at, he started doing the same thing 😉 What a blessing! (6 of em actually)

  21. John says:

    Brian and Janine are friends of mine. Also a pro photographer. To get anything NEAR this is a miracle. At first I was a little upset that it was posted here. But when you think about it, even a legit image can be a little awkward as I’m sure it must have been for the dad. I also agree that the mom should have been sans top to tie the whole family together. (maybe she didn’t want to) However, who are any of us to critique an image that is this nice and also created for a family that must be so grateful to have something that they can cherish forever.

  22. Black father says:

    Well most men could ran out and not be supporting the mother and child. I gotta say man keep doing what you are doing and maybe the world continue to bless you 6 time more everyday. Keep the team strong and health!

  23. Sewbeeit says:

    Not awkward at all. These are beautiful babies and a cute couple.

  24. Armauld says:

    Ohhh…Can I please just take one? Okay maybe two. They’re just so sweet and beautiful. 🙂

  25. Josh says:

    Never feed them after midnight!

  26. Bill G says:

    This is the last time Dad ever got any sleep.

  27. red velvet says:

    The most awkward part of this picture is that moderators just wanted to show off what they think of as “an adorable moment” instead of something truly awkward.

  28. Kim says:

    this is an AWESOME pic.. thank you sooo much for sharing it’s so beautiful 🙂

  29. G_ori says:

    If I had this many small babies, and they were all asleep on Pa, I’d be nipping out the door for some serious ‘me’ time!

  30. Mike says:

    I’m not sure why this is an “awkward family photo”. It is beautiful. Enjoy the sleep now Dad. It’s the last one you’ll have for the next 18 years….

  31. pittipat says:

    The smile on that little one leaning on his/her daddy’s forehead … can there be anything sweeter than that?

  32. Emily says:

    Having just had all those babies, I’m sure the last thing this mom wants to do is show very much of her skin. That also explains why she’s in the back- but it’s sort of adorable that she’s awake and looking over them and Dad is exhausted.

  33. Rena says:

    I think momma should be sans a shirt also (you wouldn’t be able to see anything, she would be more a part of this great experience). There would then be no distraction from all that beautiful rich brown skin with the brown background. It is a gorgeous family and may they be blessed all the days of their lives. Brown is my absolute favorite color!!!

  34. Jules says:

    I hate it when this happens….

  35. Traci says:

    I think this picture is adorable! I love it! What a beautiful family! The composition of this portrait is awesome! What better way to do a portrait if a unique family!

  36. bcp says:


    This photo made me laugh hysterically!!

    (I have twins. Does it show?)

  37. Sara says:

    Oh my holy cow! They are amazing. That’s the sort of picture you hang up in a central location so it’s handy when they’re driving you over the brink.

  38. Louise says:

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this is really awkward. Yes, the babies are extremely cute, but I think the way they are posed just looks well…awkward. Why does the dad have to be “sleeping” without his shirt? I have seen way better composed pictures with more than one baby. It almost looks like they are trying TOO hard to make it cutesy.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, you are.

      • Laura says:

        oh geez! im reading the comments and i thought to myself “cute? no real awkward!” thank you for being sane with me!

        • megan says:

          You guys are not sane…just ridiculously stupid. Nothing is awkward about this picture. It is adorable. Regardless if they tried too hard or not…who cares. Why do people always want to shed a negative light on something so innocent? People in their thought process amazes me every time and you two idiots are no exception.

          • Jen says:


            1. “Innocent” and “awkward” are not antonyms.
            2. This picture is beautiful.
            3. This picture is absolutely awkward.
            4. Louise and Laura are not stupid.
            5. Louise and Laura are not idiots.
            6. Your grammar frightens me.

  39. Tom says:

    He broke the rules! ONLY TWO RULES! HE BROKE ONE!

    1. Don’t get them wet
    2. Don’t feed them after midnight

    He got them wet, we’re doomed!

  40. Jesse says:

    Omg those babies are SO CUTE!!! And I agree… how the frack did they get them ALL ASLEEP AT THE SAME TIME!!?!?!?!?

  41. Josh says:

    I’m not sure why this photo is on AFP, but I’m glad it is. Beautiful picture!

  42. Miffy says:

    How in the world did they get all 6 babies sleeping at once?! Cute babies. Unique presentation, but not a bad photo.

  43. Linda says:

    This is stunning… beautiful are those babies. Lucky Mom and Dad for sure but I hope they have lots of help.

    • Ninabi says:

      They aren’t getting any help. I read the story in the link Candice posted above and there’s been…nothing.

      Unless the story is bizarre (like “Octomom”) then there’s little interest from the public anymore. So sad- high school sweethearts who have been trying for a family for 11 years. She’s leaving work to care for the babies. He’s trying to increase his carpet cleaning business. Nice people with adorable, very cute babies and they haven’t been given even a box of diapers from any diaper company, let alone college scholarships or free baby food, etc.

      They’d make a much better replacement than the attention seeking John and Kate…

  44. Andrea says:

    my goodness… the babies are so small! I love the smiles on their faces

  45. Candice says:

    These are the McGhee sextuplets (originally 7 babies but one was stilborn 🙁 ) . Here is the photographers blog and a little post of how they made it happen. So cute

  46. Rhonda says:


  47. Teresa says:

    I saw this picture on the news and thought it was beautiful. They should have positioned mom a little differently though. Still I think the photographer did an excellent job.

  48. Kacey says:

    I love this picture!! But I know that my husband would be thinking “please don’t pee on me!!!” LOL Funny

  49. Kitten K. Boodle says:

    There is definitely a pad of some sort under the baby whose head is resting on dad’s butt. I thing the baby behind that one also has a tiny piece of a pad visible, too.

    I think that the only reason it’s awkward is that there are SO MANY of them and they seem to be overwhelming dad!

    The caption is priceless.

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