Picture Purrrfect

November 16th, 2010

Picture Purrrfect - Birthdays

Batman wasn’t available.

(submitted by Amanda)

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  1. Melmo says:

    I don’t wanna know what goes where during the S&M hokey pokey :/

  2. mary says:

    WTH??? Dominatrix day camp???

  3. Navyboy says:

    So if the dominatrix is at the kids B-day party, is there a clown getting whipped at an S&M party across town?

  4. Jimbo says:

    hey, when dad tells you “No time for removing the handcuffs, sneak out the back way” and you run smack-dab into a birthday party, ya gotta come up with SOMETHING!!!

  5. Joe says:

    I love the kid in the bottom right “Yes, everything is going according to plan”

  6. nowunyouno says:

    Ok kids, the safety word is “hokey-pokey”

  7. Rick Elder says:

    You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out……

  8. Grace says:

    ummm…what the heck are they doing?

  9. Bubba says:

    Holy cat encrustations Cat woman! Not only have you been thwarted and tied up by the evil munchkin beach tribe, you have also stepped in some gum! Stay tuned next week! Same Cat time, same Cat channel!!

  10. Cathy says:

    “No, No! You don’t have to follow me on this one. I just stepped in something and I’m trying to get it off my shoe.”

  11. Steve says:

    I’m dying here….please, for the love of God, can someone please explain why the Queen of S&M is conducting the Hokey Pokey in a beach picnic area?

  12. magillicuddy says:

    come on Amanda, tell us tell us…. this is just great – I love the look on the boy’s face (with the red shorts) “run?” “don’t run?” “do the hokey pokey?”

  13. Adam says:

    the girl, “the safe word is bananas”
    one of the kids, “why do we need a safe word?”
    the girl “oh, wrong lesson”

  14. PDXSilly says:

    And THIS, children, is how you do the obvious tiptoeing that you see me do in the Batman cartoons!

  15. susie says:

    I can’t imagine how hot that costume is on the beach.

  16. VicketteH says:

    I demand a “Behind the Awkwardness” explaination!

  17. Merv says:

    It’s just a jump to the left.
    And then a step to the right.
    Put your hands on your hips,
    and bring your knees in tight . . .

    • Lynn says:

      Okay, _that_ is the best explanation so far. 🙂

    • cowgirl says:

      And it’s the pelvic thruuuuusssssssssssttttt that really drives you in sssaaaanneeee (however, I think it would be the leather cat suit in hot weather that would drive me insane)

      • Lydia says:

        Following the Convention, Riff Raff moonlighted as an entertainer for children’s birthday parties…

        (Merv, your comment made me snort Diet Coke out my nose…hysterical!)

  18. Steve says:

    The boy in the back, looking to his left (our right), looks like he’s asking a friend, “Check this crazy chick out. Is this friggin’ chick for real?”

    Seriously, submitter, can you please come back and explain why Cat Woman is leading a bunch of beach-goers in the Hokey Pokey? They’re not even ON the beach itself, they’re in a parking lot. It looks like the small parking lots at Sea Bright NJ, with parking on one side, the sea wall, and the beach on the other.

  19. hanniegirl says:

    Ping pong table in the background? And is that a cat face down in a dish of lasagna? I think I need to lie down.

  20. LMA says:

    “At my bar mitzvah, the rabbi called me to the bima to recite Torah, and when I was finished declared ‘today you are a man!’ And I corrected him saying, no, rabbi, that day occurred ten years ago when mama took us all to the alternative lifestyles beach in Florida …”

  21. Anne says:

    The date must have been October 31st.

  22. Allen says:

    Faced with a tough economy Hedonism decided to launch a new kids program.

  23. Darcie says:

    Maybe the cat lady thought the beach was a big litter-box?

  24. VibroCount says:

    Is this what Julie Newmar is doing these days?

  25. Ida_Slaptem says:

    Once you’ve gotten to old to do the bachelor partys there’s not much left you can do in the industry.

  26. Whoa says:

    Mommy? Can we have Miss Donna Matrix at MY party?

  27. Don says:

    His parents had promised him a day of sun, sand, and surf. But when they got there he was quickly dropped off at the daycare spot…8 hrs of ping pong and a shameless parade of superhero wannabes, all on the backside of the seawall with no view of the ocean at all. Later that night his parents asked him how his day went. he looked at them in disbelief and muttered “Life is a beach.” His mouth was immediately washed out with soap and he was sent to bed with no dessert.

  28. Alan says:

    At least Cat Woman doesn’t have far to go to the ‘sand tray’

  29. Chris Christenson says:

    Kids… just stay out of the sandbox…

  30. Jessica B. says:

    I so want to know the story behind THIS one….That leather’s gotta hurt…

  31. MeToo says:

    And where the heck are they, MARS?

  32. Big Mel says:


  33. Brant says:

    Is she already handcuffed?

  34. Julie says:



  35. Vestax says:

    “Hey Dad, remember that picture of us when were little kids at the beach and you dressed up as Cat Woman?……. WT* were you thinking?”

  36. Steve says:

    “After lifting your leg, kids, you then raise your arms to your sides, then jump up and kick forward with your other leg. And THAT is how to take care of bullies!”

  37. noodengr says:

    there are beaches that have warm air temps but cold water. this could be a surfer taking a break from surfing the cold ocean waves and leading a game with the kids on the beach.
    that is my best guess.

  38. krezz says:

    I love how the little girls are all participating and the little boys are all…um…reflecting on the situation at hand.

  39. adfogg says:

    Cat Woman is HOT. No, really, she has to be roasting in that black outfit at the beach.

  40. Tim S says:

    The kids always looked forward to Burglar’s Camp.

  41. Mary Pat says:

    First we will do the ‘Hokey Pokey’ and then I brought hand-cuffs for everyone!!!

  42. Jeff says:

    I’d love to understand the context of this image.

  43. sevanderslice says:

    I’m thinking that cat suit would be awfully hot on a summer day.

  44. Daren says:

    Got a little captain in ya?

  45. DMF says:

    Nothing says 5 year old birthday party like a dominatrix running the Simon Sez game.

  46. Mary says:

    What the… no serously…what the… I mean….what is this? Cat Woman at a children’s beach party apparently leading the Hokey Pokey? What the…I can’t wrap my little brain around this one! LMAO!

  47. Karin says:

    What the hell?

  48. Ryan Donoghue says:

    Oh, Dad, you naughty man you……I like the way you think

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