Little Turkey Boy

November 26th, 2010

Little Turkey Boy - Kids

Be the turkey.

(submitted by A)

113 Responses to “Little Turkey Boy”

  1. Ashley says:

    this is so cuteee! 🙂

  2. Ka' Dargo says:


  3. Clara says:

    I can’t believe this picture. As a mother my heart stopped. How could parents allow abuse like this?! This poor child could have suffocated in that costume! Stuffing a baby into a turkey is not funny, it’s horrendous and I would never do that to my children. Think of the germs and illnesses that baby might get from a turkey costume! It only takes one mistake! (I’m completely joking. I just had to do that bc of all the over-protective mothers going into cardiac arrest bc of some of the pictures. Just maybe they’ll realize how ridiculous they sound haha :))

  4. Jo says:

    Anne Geddes gone bad.

  5. Cindy says:

    Ohhh no! The child will never live this down!! LOL!!!

  6. Taliah says:

    LOL! Love this pic!!!!!!!

  7. K. Ledbetter says:

    A Modest Proposal, anyone?

  8. Cannuck says:

    I hope this person used a regulation-sized baby per Marnie’s instructions…

  9. PicPwny says:

    Grandma: “Grandpa, what are you doing?”

    Grandpa: “Carving the turkey!”

    Grandma: “Careful with that knife, hun. You’re eyes aren’t so good anymore.”

    Mom: “GRANDPA!”

  10. Bruce says:

    It is a costume. but it does not stop me from saying it “gobbled” the baby up!

  11. Roxygirl says:

    “Baby” the other other white meat.

  12. AndrewT says:

    Yet another half-baked photo from AFP.

  13. Stephanie volpe says:

    I have to say cutest EVER!!!

  14. Angela says:

    And my therapist wonders why I have so many issues……

  15. NeleH says:

    OMG, I saw that one on Martha Steward (it could be an old episode, because it was on Belgian TV), and she showed how to make the costume. She also made a lobster. Véry scary…

  16. AnAngel says:

    OK… now who wants to carve the turkey?

  17. Amy K says:

    I wonder if THIS was the turkey that the President pardoned…

  18. Rusty says:

    I had heard that some animals eat their young, but…….

  19. Phrankeh says:

    California Turkey…..there. I said it.

  20. Jen says:

    This is way better than Anne Geddes.

  21. kristin says:

    Maybe a turkey ate your baby.

  22. Steve Sanders says:

    Excuse be waiter? There seems to be a baby my turkey!

  23. The Piper says:

    Read the biblical account…entire civilizations were annihilated due to this kind of behavior.

  24. Tred54 says:

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, straight from the Jeffrey Dahmer Holiday Cookbook. . . .

    I don’t even want to think about how to stuff that thing.

  25. kiersten says:

    Who are these crazy people who took this picture??

  26. Jacobi says:

    It’s a Reverse Joey Tribiani.

  27. aud says:

    Nobody puts Baby in a turkey!

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