Royal Pains

December 15th, 2010

Royal Pains - Family Portrait

“This is me and my family. It was a stinking hot summer’s day (in Sydney, Australia) and we’d driven down from the country in the Tarago. They ran out of costumes, so I’m wrapped in mum’s cloak. None of us were happy about the idea. Can you tell?”

(submitted by Sarah in Australia)

45 Responses to “Royal Pains”

  1. Rob says:

    I love this portrait!

  2. 80sgirl says:

    I don’t have any copies scanned-but my family has three Victorian-style dress up photos. (the first one only has me, my younger sister and our mom) Dad was in the other two. The most recent was at Wisconsin Dells and we had the option to get a color copy with the b&w. -I suggested we do a shot of none of us smiling, too, for “contrived period authenticity”

  3. SovietCommissar says:

    This is actually really, really awesome. Remove a little bit of the frills and fur and I’d say it’d be amazing, and I say that without any sarcasm.

  4. Robert the Munificent says:

    I like to think Mum was so taken with the experience she asked the kids to address her as “Your Royal Highness” ever afterwards.

  5. king lear says:

    absolutely awesome.. if it’s renaissance festival time

  6. So you say says:

    Ugh,this is just…………odd.

  7. jldenn says:

    At first glance Mom looks like she just stuck her head through a hole in a board where the body is painted beneath. Dad looks like he wishes it could be like this every day!

  8. Casualsuede says:

    The royal family of ningkopoop has been wondering what happened to their ceremonial garbs….

  9. Millie says:

    I’m sure the boys in this pic still think this picture is cool. Also, I’m guessing the swords was the parents compromise for the tights they had to wear.

  10. LisaPizza says:

    Looks like a commercial for Imperial Margarine.

  11. no joke says:

    no joke i have the same pic….. this was taken at a shop in the qvb building in sydney. the one i have was done on an english excursion in highscool. the queen was the english teacher and we all got to stand in. ahah crack me up

  12. arondaniel says:

    My sons… ask for thy selves another internet, for that which I surf is too small for thee…

  13. Petal says:

    Best family portrait ever. I seriously want to dress my family up like that and for me to be queen! Where was it done?

  14. Sara says:

    The dad is really selling it.

  15. Sarah says:

    Aww, I actually think this one is adorable.

  16. Eileen says:

    Love It!! The King looks like The World’s Most Interesting Man!

  17. JerseyPam says:

    Poor daughter almost didn’t get in the picture, so irrelevant to the lineage.

  18. noodengr says:

    Like Iola says if this is one of those places that you can put on special clothes and get the family pic taken what is the big deal? Many places in the USA have Olde Time Photo Booths that you can don western clothes and get your pic takem. Why not royalty?
    Add laughter years later as the kids grow up. Family memories of trips are great parts of childhood.

  19. Dysphemisms says:

    The little girl on the left looks like she doesn’t want to take part. In fact she looks like she’s in her normal clothes and hasn’t dressed up. It looks like the photographer has tried to disguise the fact with the mothers robe.

  20. Caivan says:

    why is the youngest boy dressed as the Infant of Prague?

    • mrs5180 says:

      I think the youngest one is the most awesome—his hair, pose, facial expression soooo looks like he is a young royal from yesteryear… kinda remends me of a Russina Czar

  21. Finny says:

    Distracting, isn’t it? Spoiled the whole picture for me. I mean, who gives a kid a representation of the swords carried into battle by the Lower Glinkenfoofs against the Zeebleprinks of Mushmarsh when the others so obviously have replicas of those used to arm the Trusted Guard of Frobnitz? Duh.

  22. tren says:

    Dad says: These kids ermine.

  23. lola says:

    oddly enough my parents and i got the same royal portrait done while living in australia in 1989!!!!

  24. Steve says:

    Wow, this one is actually wicked cool!

  25. Dave says:

    The sword for the blue robed kid does not fit, it is from another era.

  26. Erin says:

    Those kids have swords. That’s awesome.

  27. Sandra says:

    I dub thee … royally awkward!

  28. norm says:

    Its good to be King, but the Kings family, not so much

  29. Steben says:

    This portrait is wicked awesome, maybe only for a fortnight.

  30. cjgs1 says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. This is wrong on so many levels!!!

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