Objects Of Affection

January 13th, 2011

Objects Of Affection - Grandma

We’re all a little bit bundt cake.

(submitted by Shane)

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  1. Melissa says:

    I can picture her in a bingo hall with all of those items lined up in front for good luck.

  2. Sioux says:

    This one is one of the funniest that has ever been on this site. The picture is weird enough but the comments had me laughing so hard my son told me that he couldn’t concentrate on his homework. Thank you all for the great giggle!

  3. Ida_Slaptem says:

    And to think… I spent $3000.00 for a lens that would blur all of those distractions out!

  4. cmbrn says:

    Do I see a jello mold?

  5. Kim says:

    This could be an odd but sweet retirement picture put together for this well-loved lady by her co-workers. Perhaps in her job she took an endless number of always-correct messages. The picture of the grandkids hung behind her desk; the violets sat on the window sill. She brought a jello mold to every potluck for 25 years. She was artsy-craftsy, and made her own cards and Christmas decorations for everyone. She loved to golf and played in whatever charity tournament the company entered, always in her pink visor. A Vitamin C nut, she always had citrus fruit at her desk instead of a candy dish. The gavel indicates that she settled a lot of disputes, or maybe that her word was law. To me, her smile says, “I’m likable and well-liked,” not, “I’m a raging narcissist, behold my belongings.”

  6. carol says:

    Wow, she really doesn’t like to write letters. This says it all!

  7. Mrs Alda says:

    Every now and then you’ll see a picture like this on a dating site (“This is our mom. She’s a great lady who loves Jesus, crosswords & Wheel of Fortune.”)

  8. Troy says:

    Did you ever wonder what the sellers on eBay look like? Now you know!

  9. Marlene says:

    Winner of the 17th Annual “Disco Fever Scavenger Hunt Night” lol

  10. MikeHunt says:

    Cant leave the house without bringing a piece of her Horde pile wit her.

  11. HeatherW says:

    “We’re all a little bundt cake…..and gold lame`”

  12. James-Ryan says:

    I see what’s going on here, she’s what scientists call “Peacocking”. Showing us just how RICH she really is. Throw it in our faces why don’t you!!

  13. Tara says:

    Um…and the two orange balls in the left side of the picture?

    • Alan says:

      On my screen they are on the right,but I guess I’m in Australia. Anyhoo,those are actually clown noses,trophies of another of her hobbies.

      • Sioux says:

        omword…that was hilarious. not just the clown nose comment but that the picture might be backwards because you are in australia. way to totally make me snort!

      • hah says:

        You “guess” you’re in Australia?!? Don’t feel bad – this photo could cause anyone to become confused.

  14. Mrs Alda says:

    There’s a Gilmore Girls episode where Lorelai walks into a messy room & says “This is what I always pictured the inside of my head to look like.” I guess the above pic is supposed to be the inside of Sylvia’s head ? (why yes, I’ve decided to name her)

  15. Candysland56 says:

    Excuse me? That’s JUDGE Granny to you!!!

  16. Chrys says:

    I am seeing several odd reflections. Bad lighting? The studio lights being reflected back from the many metal objects? But the one at the top left is a leaf. Just too weird all around.

  17. sondra says:

    I SPY for the LITTLE EYE…..

  18. Rebecca says:

    What’s with her leg? That looks tres’ uncomfortable. There’s just so many awkward aspects to this photo, I can’t stop looking at it! Please — make it stop!!!

  19. Chemgirl says:

    This is just fascinating. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even her stuff. Maybe she just went to the photographer’s studio wanting a nice portrait in her shiny shirt, and they said “Wait! Let’s do this casual one where you’re sitting down in the middle of a garage sale!” If it is actually her stuff, what does it all mean?

  20. Don says:

    Hey buddy…how’s the garage sale going? How much you asking for the Grandma?

  21. Ashley says:


  22. Amy says:

    I think they meant Objects of “Affliction”. Is that a gavel?

  23. chris says:

    She’s an older judge with grandkids and hobbies I think. Gardening (toms, violets), golf, scrap-booking?

  24. Linda Lou says:

    looks like one of those computer games where they give you a list of objects to find but half the time they’re covered up by other things. otherwise i think it’s nice.

  25. lellie says:

    Leaves no room for guessing what she wants to be buried with. In fact, there could be an embalmed version of this scene played out in the funeral home. Hope she is wearing the clubbing shirt then.

  26. Donna says:

    ohhh…she’s sitting on the floor! you can see her other foot kinda behind the other one…still…wtf….

  27. Mary says:

    Still Life With Rummage Sale

  28. Denise says:

    Is that a bottle of rubber cement?

  29. Pshaw says:

    Looks like someone I saw on “Hoarders: Buried Alive”.

  30. Shaun says:

    Is that a jar of rubber cement in the front? Was granny sniffing glue? Maybe that’s why the rest of the stuff is in the photo…

  31. MissEllie in MO says:

    Criminy, what a hodgepodge! Do I see a “While You Were Out” phone message book, a walkie-talkie or radio with an antenna, and what looks like two cherry tomatoes and a golf club? What is the pink thing on the left–a visor turned sideways?

  32. sondra says:

    …is that a sawed off shotgun she’s resting her arm upon?! No, wait, thats her leg? Where’s her other one.

    Someone should have told her, Saturday Nights clubbing shirt was not the best choice….

  33. Brad says:

    I’d be careful…with those man-hands she could slap us all silly!

  34. emmm says:

    The best is what appears to be the hand taking a picture of this picture.

    • Modine says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I bet that’s a reflection on glass. This priceless gem is actually framed and displayed somewhere. So many questions..???

      • emmm says:

        as you said… this is framed and hanging somewhere. yikes. I wonder if she is a judge and some law clerk thought it would funny to sneak into her chambers and snap a pic.

    • senora_jennifer says:

      Thanks for pointing that out! With all the other stuff going on in the picture, I missed it.

    • Jen says:

      So, THAT’S what that is! I couldn’t figure that out for the life of me. I also can’t figure out the smaller things on the right of the picture, next to what looks like a giant golf club? God, this picture is so damned weird!

  35. Joselle says:

    That’s like someone sitting down in the middle of my junkroom for a photo shoot.

  36. all about P says:

    wondering about the bottle of glue in the front…. maybe granny is a fan of huffing then binging on tangerines in her visor, if you interrupt her she will chase you with the gavel. When you are finally captured she stuffs you with bundt cake and lectures you on the 2 party system, proper care for African violets, and endless pictures of her grand kids. Fun times.

  37. Rebecca says:

    I know I am especially close to my phone message pad. Quite the ecclectic one, isnt she?

  38. steph says:

    What are we looking at? Can someone tell us what this pic was supposed to represent….pen in hand, foot propped with arm resting casually on knee, sitting in the middle of “stuff”…….she does have a nice manicure though.

  39. Mrsgwyllt says:

    Jello mold? I thought it was a sick bowl?

  40. Babs says:

    It’s an I Spy game, I see a gavel, an african violet…..

  41. Hannah says:

    “These are a few of my favorite things!”

  42. mm says:

    why did she pose with the remnants of her lawn sale?

  43. Tracy says:

    is that a receipt book behind her?

  44. Debra says:

    ‘these are a few of my favorite things’…..

  45. Jen H. says:

    I thought she was standing, and wondered how her foot got up there!

  46. Jarett says:

    Grandma, do you mind if we take this shot in the attic?

  47. Donna says:

    why does she have her foot up on the table???

  48. Roz says:

    This reminds me of one of those posters you make when taking a “self awareness” class, and you want to let people “know” about you…wow…new level

  49. Anna says:

    I believe that’s a jello mold, not a bundt pan. Anyway, the real star is the gavel.

  50. Canucklehead says:

    Still life with….everything she could get a hold of…

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