January 17th, 2011

Bedfellows - Pets

A reminder to never go to bed angry.

(submitted by Renae)

9 Responses to “Bedfellows”

  1. roo1601 says:

    I have a pic like this of my dog and brother. They were both facing the same way and I walked into the bedroom and they both popped their heads up at the same time with these two blank looks. Funniest picture I have of them!

  2. DebbieLG says:

    I don’t think all pictures on the two sites are ‘awkward’ as such. Sometimes just cute/funny and this one is.

  3. bananacat says:

    Aww, the dog thinks it’s people.

  4. Uncuw Biww says:

    aww, that’s kind of cute…everyone sleeps with their dog.

  5. senora_jennifer says:

    Sorry but I think it’s cute!

  6. Freckles says:

    This was my favourite scary scene from “The Dogfather”.

  7. Modine says:

    Actually, angry or not, this is the only way to avoid the deadly dog breath.

  8. Harry says:

    And this is awkward because … ??

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