July 24th, 2011

Cellular - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“Can you hear us now?”

(submitted by Katie)

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  1. weirdo says:

    1987 called, they want their phones back.
    Quick! Take a picture before cellphones go out of style.

  2. Karla says:

    Pretty futuristic view of the future….

  3. Claudette says:

    Dad’s wearing a white watch–or is it a Swatch? Hmmmm…..

  4. graphicartist2k5 says:

    “hold on, i’ll get the toaster!”

  5. kate says:

    Hah. At the time cellular phones were an obvious indicator of wealth. Way to be subtle.

  6. John says:

    That guy is worth 80 billion dollars now.

  7. josh1982 says:

    i do belive that is a young Zack morris

  8. Cesar says:

    I bet the story behind this picture is that dad works in the cell phone business, maybe he owns a store, maybe he is a star “sales associate” for a cell phone company. In any case, he’s doing pretty well, so the whole family is proud of it. The concept of everybody holding a cell phone was probably dad’s, as he is the one with the bigger smile. Mom probably works at dad’s phone store too, but maybe not full-time as she has to take care of the kids. I suspect she chose the matching outfits for dad and son.

  9. Joyce says:

    I had a boss who had a huge phone like Dad’s. What was hilarious was when he’d stuff it in the back pocket of his pants.

  10. Lise67 says:

    The dad kinda reminds me of Bernie Kopel of Love Boat/Get Smart fame.And how huge are those old phones??

  11. heatherd says:

    Is this how we’ll look in about 10 years?

  12. Laura says:

    Power dressing and massive mobile phones. What an era!

  13. Micah says:

    Zack Morris, eat your heart out…

  14. Raardvarks says:

    The 2000s called. They want their irony back.

  15. Nita says:

    This photo is all kinds of awesome!! Carefree yuppies enjoying their rad phones and connected lifestyle. I love that dad has a pager to top it all off. I bet they also had a car phone—the kind that was actually installed into the car with a huge receiver on a cord.

    Maybe I’m partial because I had the mom’s classy outfit, right down to the shoulderpads and shiny nude nylons.

  16. CJ says:

    Oh, a pager too! This family is big pimpin’!

  17. Amy K says:

    What? No “Bag” Phone?

  18. Kate says:

    This is just plainly an awkward family photo.

  19. Mary says:

    Nude nylons. Nice.

  20. Colebag says:

    Does anyone else think that kid on the end could totally be Macaulay Culkin?

  21. Allison says:

    A phone in the bag setup would work perfectly in this photo, driving up the win factor of it. My dad had one of those setups, and I hadn’t thought about it for years until I saw a MacGyver episode where he was using a phone in the bag in his jeep. I almost died!

    This photo has some serious foreshadowing, where everyone and their 3-year-old has a cell phone!!

  22. TC says:

    *YUP* I hear you!

  23. Patsy says:

    Looks like Doc from “The Love Boat” finally settled down and started a family.

    • emcd says:

      As much as Dr. and Mrs. Bricker thought the portrait exuded “togetherness”, most other people could tell they were just phoning it in.

  24. Snowrider says:

    Man, I’m just hoping that the photographer is wearing a lead suit.

  25. Happydude says:

    The parents seemed a little mis-matched. He must have made a lot of money.

  26. junebug says:

    The only thing missing? A bananaphone!

  27. Andrew says:

    I think I may have owned all those kinds of cell phones…I was the first person I knew to have a cell phone, but I wan’t cool, I mainly called my mom with it; it was to big to fit in a pocket, had <30 minutes talk time, 4-5 hours of standby and took close to 8 hours to charge.

  28. jersygrl says:

    makes me recall those huge cordless phones with the big rubber antennas. funny now but they sure got better reception than the crap they make these days.

  29. Susie says:

    Wow! Love the Motorola ‘Brick’ cell phone Dad is holding. That was a huge status symbol thing to have in 1988. Too funny 🙂

  30. Tim S says:

    Cover art for Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick – Cell Phone Remix”

  31. Mary says:

    The photographer was so excited by this concept, he snapped the photo and almost cropped out the boy.

    • blah says:

      When I was little and took group photos with a girl I liked, I would center on her without regard for where everyone else fell in the frame. I think the photographer had a thing for the mom.

  32. cindy says:

    Hello Dad?..I can’t find mom.

  33. Tracy says:

    Love this picture; it’s like a late ’80’s time capsule. Check out mom’s Joan Collins-esque shoulder pads.

  34. Noneya says:

    Is this an ad for the family business?

  35. MikeHunt says:

    Lets see if i remember…….. four 1 minute phone calls and a page will cost you 94 dollars please.

  36. DB says:

    Apparently they were too busy talking on their phones and forgot to iron their khakis.

    • The Ironing Board says:

      IRONING ?!?! IRONING ?!?! … We don’t need no stinking IRONING !!!
      (Awkward Family Rule Number One).
      (With all due obesiance to: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Blazing Saddles (et alia)).
      Awkward Family Rule Number Two: Khakis never require ironing…
      Awkward Family Rule Number Three: If you DO iron khakis you MUST leave the iron just a little too long in a conspicuous place so that the scorch mark shows in the photo…

  37. Becky says:

    Is that kid Macaulay Culkin, aka Kevin McAllister? If his whole family had had cell phones maybe he wouldn’t have been left Home Alone.

  38. Wanda says:

    What is so crazy and wierd is that the younger boy has two phones. One up to his ear and the other just kinda out there. WTH??? This is a very Awkward pic. Thanks for sharing Katie.

  39. Dave says:

    They were all calling dad’s pager. He’s like dr beeper on caddyshack!

  40. L1558 says:

    “Awkward Family Photo Hotline, how may we help you?”

  41. CarrieM says:

    I wonder if there’s another shot with them all sitting at their Kaypro computers.

  42. Rob says:

    All dad is missing is his pocket protector. And he is obviously loaded to score a wife like that.

  43. Lisa says:

    This reminds me of growing up in the Chicago suburbs, in an area where lots of the kids had dads who were engineers at Motorola. Naturally those families were the first to get those crazy “phones that fold up and you can take with you”, and they were really into showing it off, too.

  44. Dave says:

    Why, the better to hear the nerdiness with. Except the wife. Hubba hubba.

  45. Jon says:

    Wow… That Verizon guy sure got a lot hotter once he grew up!

  46. Cheryl says:

    Wow love the pager on the dad too! 80s Power Couple

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