September 6th, 2011

Snuggers - Mom & Dad

Just wait until he slips into something more comfortable.

(submitted by Mike)

42 Responses to “Snuggers”

  1. Belinda says:

    I am convinced that these people were our neighbors. It HAS to be them. I even babysat their kids.

  2. Cassie M says:

    OH dear GAWD! These are MY parents and I happen to be in my moms belly in this pic. I can’t believe my mom agreed to take her pic next to him wearing THAT! Pregnancy Hormones. But, everytime I see this pic I laugh a little.

  3. Douglas H. says:

    Despite the awkwardness, they really look like a homey and very happy couple.

  4. Sam Maloney says:

    He’s kinda hot, really…

  5. Kristen says:

    This is straight up awesome… The caption makes it perfect!! LOL!

  6. Ann says:

    Looks like he needs to learn how to do laundry…everything shrunk!

  7. Candace says:

    This is so funny, I can’t stop laughing and the caption is great.

  8. It's me! Dee! says:

    If he does slip into something more comfortable, I ain’t hanging around.

  9. Maureen says:

    Oh good god!

  10. Hans Moleman says:

    This is just wrong in so many ways…

  11. TGIF says:

    His cup runneth over.

  12. Big Momma says:

    This is why I never let Big Daddy go out in public wearing sweats!

  13. steph says:

    I already posted but no one else has pointed out the socks…..come on…..are they attached to the bottom of his pants because regardless of where the pants stop…he has socks.

  14. RooseveltTedy says:


  15. Rich says:

    Ahm too sexy for my shuht, too sexy for my shuht, SO SEXY IT HUHTS!

  16. Kelly says:

    Did this gentleman take a growth spurt? hahaha

  17. Sara says:

    O. M. G. Good morning!

  18. Lee says:

    This is actually his formal wear, when the green mankini just won’t do. “High Five!”

  19. wee says:

    all gymmed out and smoking a cig.

  20. sbyers says:

    Where do we start? all that and a cigarette….. he must have just watched Rocky.

  21. Carol says:

    I wish I knew this man, I would have used this photo as blackmail.

  22. binkymae says:

    The picture started off my day with a chuckle, but the caption started my day off with a belly laugh!

  23. Patrick says:

    So, did he try to pull his pants up higher to make up for the midriff shirt??
    At least he color coordinated.

  24. IanK says:

    Just thankful he decided not to go with ‘mankini’.

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