Saturday Night Special: Cat Vests

September 8th, 2012

Saturday Night Special: Cat Vests - Kids

The fabric that hugs you back.

(submitted by Julie)

25 Responses to “Saturday Night Special: Cat Vests”

  1. raven says:

    OMG – those poor children. Was mom getting ready to offer them up to the corn?

  2. Josephina says:

    I had a glasses case made out of this material! I think my sister did too, although hers may have been some other sort of animal.

  3. Nance says:

    Whoever made those cat-fabric outfits was a very skillful tailor; that’s some applique job on the pink vest!

  4. Lauren says:

    No way! My grandma made me a waistcoat from that fabric too! 😀

  5. Kristen says:

    My mom made me curtains out of the same fabric….glad it was just curtains.

  6. tj says:

    … someone didn’t get the memo….

  7. Becca says:

    This is like Blossom Russo’s family portrait. FLOWER HAT. VESTS. CLASHING PATTERNS.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I had shorts with a matching appliqued t-shirt. A walk down memory lane.

  9. Lori says:

    Oh these poor poor kids. Littlest one at the end looks adorable though!

  10. jamie604 says:

    I had a purse out of this with leather trip (purchased). Then found the material: vest, skirt, and shorts were made. then found a lunch bag and small duffel and house slippers and…I really do look like the crazy cat women!

  11. Angela Page says:

    I worked at a animal hospital in the early ’90s I had scrubs out of this material. My cat also has a collar out of the same material too. Not very awkward if your a cat or take care of them.

  12. Me says:

    I have a stuffed cat made out of this

  13. Andrea says:

    Holy cow! My mom made me a vest, a purse, and my elementary school a whole set of napkins out of this fabric. If I remember correctly, this fabric also came in corduroy.

  14. Wendy Jane says:

    I notice the level of happiness, of being photographed wearing the vest, seems to diminish with age. The youngest is beaming and by the time you get to the oldest you can tell she just wants to bolt and was probably bribed to pose in the picture.

  15. Ann says:

    And the Olan Mills tattoo on the littlest one’s arm is a nice touch, also.

  16. Evelyn says:

    My mom made NAPKINS out of that cat material! We definitely still have them at home.

  17. Lizabeth says:

    All I could think of is “The cat(s) in the Hat(s)… but also you all look so darned cute. Yep, it’s awkward… but only in the cutest way!

  18. Kathy says:

    For a second I thought the little girl had a crazy tattoo.

  19. Jose M says:

    Is it worse to wear a full-coverage cat vest, or a more understated half-cat vest (with sophisticated hot pink shoulders), or a matching baseball hat and vest made out of the SAME roughly southwest Native American style fabric? I guarantee a relative (Mom? Grandma?) made all these clothes.

  20. felice says:

    cats AND hats.

  21. maegan0apple says:

    I’m pretty sure I had a dress made out of that colorful cat material… lol

    • Kootie says:

      if your mom sewed your clothes in the 70’s or 80’s, then, yeah you probably had a dress made of this fabric. it was pretty much pervasive(kinda like kudzu) back then…

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