The Stain

June 4th, 2013

The Stain - Black And White

Nothing to be ashamed of.

(submitted by Clara)

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  1. Ouch says:

    One hell of a wedding night

  2. cp says:

    Proof of virginity.

  3. Qman says:

    This doesn’t seem all that unusual – at least in some parts of the world/country/times. In the part of Italy my wife is from it is common to display the sheets from the first night of marriage to *prove* virginity. I didn’t believe it till her mother did it. Unfortunately, the *stain* was about 6 months old..

  4. Elecia W says:

    If that is a “birthing mattress” I am so glad that we don’t post images of them nowadays. Cause this is just sort of creepy and odd to see all the women standing around proudly displaying what appears to be a horrid and gory type stain. lol

  5. MacPhellimey says:

    Okay, firstly… if a woman bleeds THAT much after the first time, something is WRONG.

    Second, why would they have birthed an animal on a mattress?

    Lastly, what is so hard to believe about this being from a HUMAN birth. They had a home birth, went to take the mattress out to toss, and someone thought “Hey, let’s take a pic! I’ll be hilarious!” Birth just wasn’t that freaky back then. It took place in the home A LOT, people were much more up close and personal with the ordeal, and where else were you supposed to have the baby? On the floor?

    Or they just had enough and killed Uncle Frank.

    • NotRightITH says:

      I would love to assume it was the last.

    • Perry says:

      Did you stop to think it might not’ve been from a first time but from someone’s period?

      • Ann says:

        Uh, periods and “first times” aren’t that massively bloody unless something is seriously wrong with the woman. This was a birth or the demise of Uncle Frank!

        • bwings says:

          Periods CAN be that massively bloody. :p
          I don’t think that was the case HERE but they definitely can.

          • Barb says:

            I had an issue that was so bad I had to have a hysterectomy, I bled like crazy, and it wouldn’t have made a stain like that. It clots when you bleed that much with a period. I mean the size of eggs, it’s gross. Not a period stain, unless they let it grow every month. Counting what soaked in that’s birth or death. Not even sure birth would bleed that much. It’s much more other fluids than blood and I don’t see any other fluids.

  6. The Arquette Sisters says:

    Sorry about the mattress as well, Mrs Lincoln.

  7. BoobieM says:

    It’s the mattress that a home birth was on. My grandma has a picture like this after her sister gave birth to twins. I guess it was their version of posting a birth announcement on facebook!! lol

  8. astra thorne says:

    Cause Earl had to die?

  9. Hannah A. says:

    Home birth? ;p

  10. pammy _p says:

    That there is the birthin’ mattress!

  11. christine willis says:

    with all the drip lines running from the bottom, the stain may not have originally been that large. It may just be wet from scrubbing. Regardless, the photo is so funny..I love it. Never seem so many ppl proud of a dirty mattress….

  12. guest says:

    The little box looks like a brownie camera. I used to own one just like it.

  13. guest says:

    Obviously from a farm animal – possibly shortly after butchering. Maybe they dumped the offal onto the mattress as a joke. Clara ….!!!

  14. Tiffany says:

    So strange on SO many levels!!!

  15. Jeannette Pyatt says:

    I had a mattress that looked kind of like that when I spilled my whole bottle of hair dye on it and tried to clean it up and ended up smearing it even more, it was just a big mess. But that’s probable not what happened here.

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