March 28th, 2014

Replica - Behind The Awkwardness

“My brother and sister-in-law got married about 17 years ago and my kids were asked to be in their wedding party… my son was the ring bearer, my oldest daughter was a junior bridesmaid and my youngest daughter was dressed in a miniature replica of the bride’s gown. In this family photo, we look like a crazy family that just married off our two youngest children, my older daughter looks like she has one oddly placed prosthetic leg, and I’m rocking some sweet shoulder pads.”

(submitted by Roxanne)

6 Responses to “Replica”

  1. Nants says:

    OMG! I just about died laughing after reading the description. Too funny!

  2. Jeannie says:

    I think this is adorable! Beautiful Pic!

  3. Annie says:

    I think this is a cute picture! It’s a litle awkward in that it does look like the kids are getting married but no more creepy than communion pictures (I was raised Catholic so I am not cutting on anyone)

  4. Jace says:

    I like your dress. Can’t see the shoulder pads at all. Looks like a beautiful timeless classic.

  5. Bobo7777 says:

    Im not seeing the awkwardness…

    I looked at it, didnt see anything awkward, so read the story… and… still waiting.

  6. melissamc says:

    Even after the long explanation I do not find this one odd at all…..sorry just looks dated that is all.

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