12 Grumpy Old Babies

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The Big Chill

“My sisters and I thought we’d get our kids together for a cute picture to give to our parents. This was the best picture we got because at least one kid was smiling, as oblivious as she was. We actually put it on a T-shirt for our dad to proudly show off his happy grandkids.”

(submitted by Janelle in Canada)

Bed Head


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At least they gave her 26 weeks.

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Times They Are A Changin’

It isn’t easy letting go.

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I Lick You

She was just marking her spot.

(submitted by Michelle in Australia)

Objects Of Affection

“She didn’t like holding the gun so we just laid it beside her. She didn’t like holding the antlers so we just laid those beside her. She didn’t like sitting up so she just laid there.”

(submitted by BM)

Rockabye Baby

Nightmares be gone.

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