Thirtysomething - Babies

“I don’t know what’s more awkward–how much I look like a boy, my Mom’s giant glasses, or Dad’s hideous sweater.”

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Santa Baby

Santa Baby - Babies

“Some kids are scared of Santa. Mine, on the other hand…”

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Smell Ya Later

Smell Ya Later - Babies

“I own a photo booth and love going through the photos after an event.”

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A Box Is A Box

A Box Is A Box - Babies

“I dropped my son off at my mother-in-law’s. She found some strange toys for him to play with.”

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1,2,3 Grab

1,2,3 Grab - Babies

“An authentic family portrait.”

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Baby Cake

Baby Cake - Babies

“My daughter’s friend is having a baby. Another friend made her a cake. It’s a work of art.”

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Cake Coma

Cake Coma - Babies

“My nephew seemed to enjoy his first birthday cake.”

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