Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving Fashion - Dad

“My Dad likes to keep us guessing with his Thanksgiving fashion.”

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This Dad Is An Expert At Photobombing His Teenage Daughter

This Dad Is An Expert At Photobombing His Teenage Daughter - Dad

Fatherhood comes with countless responsibilities, but perhaps the most important is messing with your teenage children. This father understands that, and we can all learn from his example.

Twitter user @jolitamarie shared a story of her Dad’s expert pranking, in the form of a photobomb:

Jolita and her Mom went out to the driveway for a shoot. Dad’s Dad Senses sensed an opportunity, and he followed them:

He struck a pose mimicking his daughter’s, (always a strong Dad move.) Whether Mom started laughing, or she just sensed someone was behind her, his daughter quickly caught on:

Being caught didn’t stop him, and he kept on posing for the rest of the shoot:

Well done, Dad. And to all the fathers out there, we hope you’re taking notes.

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Super Freak

Super Freak - Dad

“My Dad at an underground club in Berlin, 1988.”

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Another Mine

Another Mine - Dad

“Dad loved to visit mines and quarries. The rest of the family had little choice but to go along for the ride. Apparently, we rebelled by pulling our sweater sleeves far out of shape. Despite the mandatory rubber outfits and helmets, Mom always looked stylish.”

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Babies

“I could never game because of my toddler, so I finally bought a play pen.”

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Cube Dad

Cube Dad - Awkward Galleries

Shaun Moriarty, a 36-year-old designer from Brisbane, Australia was surprised when he opened a family text message thread and found a picture of a perfect cube. His father, Tom, had sent it to them with no explanation except a math problem.

Then, going full Dad Mode, Tom began photographing the cube around the house.

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety - Dad

“My son’s first day of school. I handled it really well.”

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