Bunny Ears - AFP Hall Of Fame

Bunny Ears

Sometimes, imagination just isn’t enough.

(submitted by Josh)

Easter Sunday Surprise - Easter

Easter Sunday Surprise

What do you want? The bunny wasn’t available.

(submitted by Julie)

The Mascot - Easter

The Mascot

It’s not easy being the Easter Bunny.

(submitted by Rita)

Eggbloom - Easter


Everybody gather around the Easter tree.

(submitted by Judith)

The Visitor - Easter

The Visitor

Unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny isn’t afraid to completely freak children out in broad daylight.

(submitted by Mallory)

An Earful - Easter

An Earful

What holiday isn’t complete without a cute cuddly mascot.

(submitted by Beth)

Bunny Ride - Easter

Bunny Ride

It’s always gratifying to see your children living out your dreams.

(submitted by Kelli)

Hello My Pretty - AFP Hall Of Fame

Hello My Pretty

‘This is quite possibly the evilest easter bunny i’ve ever seen.”

(submitted by Meredith)