Double Dutch

Double Dutch - Behind The Awkwardness

“On the eve before my grandparents 60th anniversary party this photo was passed around. In 1991 for their anniversary they went to Holland. There is so much going on in the picture that every time you look at it you see something new – and horribly awkward. Don’t miss out on the painted wooded shoes, the tangle of yarn and that white hat.”

(submitted by Allison)

In Behind The Awkwardness • August 2nd, 2013 • 10 Comments »

The Bystanders

The Bystanders - Grandparents

your caption here

(submitted by Daleene)

In Grandparents • June 11th, 2013 • 30 Comments »

5 Tips To Being a Grandparent

With the holidays approaching, the AFP Grandparents are back with some important advice for grandparents everywhere.

In Grandparents • November 4th, 2012 • 5 Comments »
In Awkward Family Show • September 28th, 2012 • 25 Comments »

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned - Grandparents

Who said there were no toys at Grandma & Grandpa’s house?

(submitted by Brittany)

In Grandparents • September 25th, 2012 • 17 Comments »


X-Men - Grandparents

Getting x-rayed is fun for the whole family.

(submitted by Nikki)

In Grandparents • September 16th, 2012 • 12 Comments »

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding - Grandparents

Let’s just say he was feeling a lot of pressure.

(submitted by Lisa)

In Grandparents • September 15th, 2012 • 11 Comments »
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