You’ve Got Geisha

You’ve Got Geisha - Wedding

“The groom is my brother and the best man (who’s dressed like my cousin Vinny) is my husband in 1981. We have no idea why the photographer had them pose in front of a scary geisha doll and…. burgundy candles?? At least the candles on the wall matched my husband’s burgundy.”

(submitted by Doreen)

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The Evolution Of A Pregnancy Announcement

The Evolution Of A Pregnancy Announcement - Awkward Galleries

“I’d like to submit 12 pictures, but don’t know how.  We had a photographer come capture the moment went we told our 4 kids (7th, 5th, 2nd, Pre-K) that we were having another surprise baby.  The kid’s reactions over the 12 pictures are awesome.  You can actually see it “sink in.”  Super cute.  BTW – we have been fans of your site for years now.  It’s one of my favorite places on the internet!”

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Matchy-Matchy - Couples

This is my boyfriend and I at Central Park this summer. Obviously, no one noticed the matchy-matchy family on the right until later. Got a lot of laughs.

(submitted by Reggie)

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Big - School Photos

“As a 7’1 guy, I have been big my whole life. This is my 5th grade class photo. I was 6’2 and over 250 lbs at 10 years old; see if you can spot me…”

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Night Terrors

Night Terrors - Babies

“Found this in an old family album.”

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Old People Waiting At Malls

Old People Waiting At Malls - Awkward Galleries

Thanks to our community for making us aware of the Old People Waiting At Malls. It was well worth the wait.

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Wookie In Labor

Wookie In Labor - Pregnancy

“Friends used to nickname my hubby ‘The Wookie’. When it finally came time to giving birth to our eldest we thought it would be hilarious to take pics of me in labour with a Wookie mask on. God knows what the hospital staff were thinking :)”

(submitted by Michelle)

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