Window Watcher

Window Watcher - Family Portrait

“This was not one of our best family photos, but somehow it works! It was Easter. I was newly pregnant and throwing up all day. Our one-year-old daughter would not sit still, hence the look on my husband’s face. Oh, and our three-year-old son decided this would be the only spot he would stand in. Somehow he looks like he is photobombing the pic, and is possibly an extra in ‘Children of the Corn’.”

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Kindergarten Cook

Kindergarten Cook - Awkward Galleries

“Girlfriend’s mom was a Kindergarten teacher and had her students provide their favorite recipes. Here’s just a few!”Read More →

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Costanza - Photos

“In my 4th grade baseball picture I look like George Costanza.”

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Sleep Fierce

Sleep Fierce - Teens

“My son has two ways of sleeping: Male Model and Rapper. Both were on display this afternoon.”

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True Romance

True Romance - Couples

“When we first started dating our texts were flirty and sexy. Now that we’re married, this is what our texts look like.”

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Panda Love

Panda Love - Mom

“My mother inadvertently got an erotic panda cake for my baby shower.”

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The Harriest

The Harriest - Celebs

“My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter.”

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