Parents Disagree Over Son’s Mohawak

Parents Disagree Over Son’s Mohawak - Family Portrait

“Dad wanted the mohawk to be worn like a comb over but mom thought it should be worn proud.¬† Mom was a lot cooler than you would expect.”

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Apology Accepted

Apology Accepted - Kids

“Recently our son was required to write his mother a letter expressing his regret for recent behavior.”

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Parents Recreate Daughter’s Selfies

Parents Recreate Daughter’s Selfies - Mom & Dad

When college student Emily Musson started sharing selfies taken with her boyfriend on Facebook, she didn’t expect her parents to get in on the action.



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It’s Butt Paste

It’s Butt Paste - Kids

“My niece¬†was being so quiet, we thought she fell asleep, nope, just quietly putting butt paste on her face”

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Pooped Out

Pooped Out - Babies

“During his photo shoot at seven days old, my son puked on me, peed on me and pooped on me twice.”

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Playing Possum

Playing Possum - Engagement

“My friends just took their engagement pictures, this one is my favorite.”

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15 Honest Cards For Couples

15 Honest Cards For Couples - Awkward Galleries

From our friends at Someecards comes a series of cards devoted to the most awkward part of life… relationships.

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