Vanishing Act - Babies

Vanishing Act

“This is an old photo of my friend’s son, who’s now a teenager. The photo was snapped at just the wrong time, making it look like his hand is gone and a bloody stump remains.”

(submitted by John)

Home Sweet Home - Easter

Home Sweet Home

Warm and fuzzy.

(submitted by Katie)

Interview With A Vampire - Behind The Awkwardness

Interview With A Vampire

“Back in the early 1970’s my crazy mother loved having big, over the top Halloween parties.  At this one, she rented a coffin from a funeral home and laid in it for hours while my friends came to visit her.  I think she was loaded personally.  To this day, people remember her for this party!”

(submitted by Lynette)

Nosey - Engagement


It was so nice running into each other.

(submitted by Val)

Our Little Angel - Babies

Our Little Angel

Her drool was heaven sent.

(submitted by Nikkie)

Flapper - Pregnancy


“This is my brother. He’s about to have a baby and his girlfriend convinced him to do this shoot.”

(submitted by Joe)

Step Up - Christmas

Step Up

“We received this in the mail from a family member for Christmas. Because who doesn’t love doing ballet on a crane?”

(submitted by Jordan)

Pocketful of Sunshine - Wedding

Pocketful of Sunshine

He’s got the whole wife in his hands.

(submitted by James)

Sleep Mask - Recreations

Sleep Mask

(submitted by Maria in Spain)

Masquerade - Wedding


These Chinese newlyweds were so excited they could barely breathe.

(submitted by Adam)