Greenscreen - Family Portrait


It’s gotta be the shoes.

(submitted by Wujek)

Thelma & Louise - Pets

Thelma & Louise

Anything can happen when these two felines hit the open road.

(submitted by Adam)

Mirror Mirror - Mom

Mirror Mirror

Who’s the most pregnant of them all?

(submitted by Madge)

Self-Defense - Family Portrait


Just pray you never get the fan.

(submitted by Morgan)

Picture Purrrfect - Birthdays

Picture Purrrfect

Batman wasn’t available.

(submitted by Amanda)

Pillow Talk - Pets

Pillow Talk

This young lady didn’t have time to wrap her present.

(submitted by Sue)

The Clinkers - AFP Hall Of Fame

The Clinkers

These kids take time to commemorate the years they spent in prison.

(submitted by Phil)

Saturday Night Special: Bottom’s Up - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Bottom’s Up

Sometimes, it’s all about framing.

(submitted by Steph)

Showdaddy - Dad


Dad celebrated our nation’s independence in his own unique way.

(submitted by H)

Nosy Neighbor - Pets

Nosy Neighbor

Some dogs just can’t mind their own business.

(submitted by Noelle)