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“My Wedding: August of 2004. In what has become know as a “family” thing, men from his side shed clothes as the night goes on. This is me and my husband’s Uncle about half way through our reception at a local restaurant/bar.”

(submitted by Anne-Marye)

In Behind The Awkwardness • July 22nd, 2013 • 10 Comments »


Crash - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“We just crashed our car into a random person’s house…everyone was fine so we took a picture!”

(submitted by Shelby)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • July 22nd, 2013 • 15 Comments »

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland - Pregnancy

They chose the blue pill.

(submitted by Janet)

In Pregnancy • July 21st, 2013 • 6 Comments »


Birdie - Pets

And that’s her relaxed face.

(submitted by Mike)

In Pets • July 21st, 2013 • 8 Comments »


Flurtles - Vacation

You’re never too old.

(submitted by Jesse)

In Vacation • July 21st, 2013 • 5 Comments »

Under The Hood

Under The Hood - Kids

For those who don’t want to carry a photo in their wallet.

(submitted by Peter)

In Kids • July 21st, 2013 • Add A Comment »
In Random Awkwardness • July 20th, 2013 • 2 Comments »
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