Saturday Night Special: Baby Alive - Halloween

Saturday Night Special: Baby Alive

“This is my daughter around age 2. She was a “Baby Alive” for Halloween. I had sayings printed on the box like: “I cry, I wet, I talk back”. She hated the box. Once we started trick or treating she was ok, but unless she was getting candy handed to her, she did not want to be in the box on at all!”

(Submitted by Shannon)

Piddle About - Pets

Piddle About

Guilty by association.

(submitted by Alexandria)

View From The Top - Halloween

View From The Top

This is a photo of me and my younger sister circa 1995. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and were forced to make our Halloween costumes. Her giraffe costume is made of a Hanes sweatsuit and a piece of yellow posterboard. My terribly awkward “three-headed monster” costume was made of painted styrofoam heads. I looked WAY too tall and old to be trick-or-treating.

(submitted by Kate B)

Countdown to Halloween: Gnome Schooled - Halloween

Countdown to Halloween: Gnome Schooled

A reminder to keep your eyes on the road.

(submitted by Linsey)

Be My Valentine - Pets

Be My Valentine

Background is foreground.

Synchronicity - Behind The Awkwardness


“This is a picture of me and my sister right before a tap dance recital. We were supposed to be clowns. Notice the Hula Hoop sown into the bottom of the shirt. You might ask…how do you keep those things on your head? Straight up Aqua Net.”

(submitted by Erica)

11 Is Enough - Family Portrait

11 Is Enough

Survival of the fittest.

(submitted by Joseph)

Talk To The Animals - Pets

Talk To The Animals

She hadn’t quite gotten used to her special skills.

(submitted by Bruce)

Raise Your Hands - Family Portrait

Raise Your Hands

Even if you’re not so sure.

(submitted by Joan)

Rocky Raccoon - Pets

Rocky Raccoon

Not everybody was so thrilled about the new addition to the family.

(submitted by Kirtsten)