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Thinking Of Me

Some people are just obsessed with themselves.

(submitted by Megan)


You can’t blame him for being confused.

(submitted by Kris)


You can lead a horse to a carrot…

(submitted by Catherine)

The Overfrown 2

It’s back and it’s bigger than ever.

(submitted by Katie)

The Front Door

“This is a photo of me that I found in my grandmother’s photo album. I always thought we were closer.”

(submitted by Gretchen)

Embrace Me 2

That’ll do, human.

(submitted by Scott)

Chest Cold

“Auntie, do you mind watching the baby for a minute?”

“Oh ok, ok!”

(submitted by Val)


A reminder to never go to bed angry.

(submitted by Renae)

Saturday Night Special: Embrace Me

Everybody needs to be held.

(submitted by Tara)

That Girl Is Poison

“This photo was taken in 1950 while our family was on a summer vacation at the Jersey Shore. I am the lovely creature on the left with a horrendous case of poison sumac and look like a creature from outer space. My two brothers seem only intent on shooting the photographer, and my mother, grandmother and grandfather seem unfazed by this weird person in the photo with them. How did I ever allow anyone to take my photo looking like this? I was just 6 years old and probably didn’t think twice about it at the time.”

(submitted by Margaret)