Public Transportation - Pets

Public Transportation

This kitty didn’t ask for a window seat.

(submitted by Katy)

Shiner - Behind The Awkwardness


“This is a family photo taken after I ran into a wall…. unfortunately the portrait appointment was already scheduled. The show must go on!”

(submitted by Elizabeth)

Court Dogs - Pets

Court Dogs

Nobody enjoys a good cross-court rally more than an Alaskan Husky.

(submitted by John)

Seacup - Behind The Awkwardness


“My in-laws live on a farm in central Virginia. One particular afternoon I wanted to get some photos of my father-in-law. Naturally he was outside tending to his horses. This horse needed some shots and we all know horses don’t comply when they see the ‘needle.'”

(submitted by Chris)

The Voyeurs - Wedding

The Voyeurs

These four would like the happy couple to “get a room,” but only if they’re invited.

(submitted by Patty)

Whitewash - Family Portrait


“This is my mother’s side of the family (I am looking fly on the extreme far left). I believe the occasion was my step-grandfather’s 75th birthday, and, as you can see, the instructions were to wear white and khaki for this very special photo. I would especially like to point out the varying interpretations of “khaki”.”

(submitted by Liana)

Blinded By The Light - Pets

Blinded By The Light

Meet shock and awe.

(submitted by Anna)

Renaissance Man - Family Portrait

Renaissance Man

A look back at a time when art, music, and puffy shirts flourished.

(submitted by Rachel)

Hard to Handle - Pets

Hard to Handle

Don’t make Santa give you the boot.

(submitted by Heather)

The Great Bambini - Babies

The Great Bambini

First one to drop the baby buys the beer.

(submitted by Kathryn)

Check out The Great Bambini and The Great Bambini 2 to find out which high-flying baby is the most daring.